Little Helps

Every positive change matters. And together, they can add up to a big difference. 



At Tesco Mobile, our purpose of caring for human connection guides all our decisions and actions. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Since 2020, we’ve donated over £3 million of devices and connectivity through our Crisis partnership and Little Helps scheme and supported over 4000 charity groups. And we’re not stopping there.

We’ve partnered with the Trussell Trust to get connectivity to people facing hardship in the UK. We’ll help connect 50,000 more people by 2025. And that’s not all. We’ve also partnered with Internet Matters to help your family enjoy the benefits of connectivity safely and smartly. 

1. Getting data to communities who need it most

We’re working with the Trussell Trust to get connectivity to people facing hardship in the UK. We’ll help connect 50,000 more people by 2025, distributing SIMs and data via food banks, as well as using our technology to help the food banks themselves run as effectively as possible. Find out more.

2. Little helps for your budget

We can all benefit from a little help with the cost of living right now. From making sure you’re spending less with us, to tips to get the most value from your plan, to where to go for debt advice and more. We've gathered lots of helpful advice and resources. 

3. Keeping families and young people safe online

We want everyone to have a healthy relationship with technology so they can enjoy the benefits of connectivity safely and smartly. Find out more about our online safety and digital wellbeing work.

4. Keeping climate change in check

We are working hard to ensure we meet Tesco group’s target to be Net Zero in our own operations by 2035, and across our total emissions footprint by 2050. Learn more about Tesco’s sustainability commitments here.

5. Treating everyone fairly and equally

We’re continuing to create an inclusive place to work where we celebrate the cultures, personalities and preferences of all of our colleagues, and everyone is treated fairly and with respect. 

6. Keeping your data safe

We take protecting your data very seriously.  We’re independently certified to make sure we’re following the best standards, and we’re continually reviewing, testing and improving how best to keep everyone’s data secure. 

7. Turning off electronic waste

We want to play our part in shaping  a sustainable economy where there’s no electronic waste, and reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling are the norm. We’re working closely with our suppliers and others to make this happen. More news soon.

8. Safe shopping

We’re keeping a Covid safe environment for customers and colleagues in our stores. Find tips on how to get help and stay connected on our Safe shopping page

The story so far

We’re proud of the positive difference we can make – and our ambitions grow every year. Since 2020, here’s what we’ve been doing:


  • March
    We launch TM Reconnects & our Little Helps scheme.
  • August
    We start a 2-year partnership with Crisis, helping reconnect those experiencing homelessness.  
  • December
    Christmas SIM card campaign raises £75,000 for Crisis.


  • January
    Reconnects for Schools helps over 4000 pupils in 240 schools to stay connected to teachers and classmates during the 3rd lockdown. 
  • September
    ‘Digital divide’ campaign highlights the issue of digital inclusion. 
  • December
    Our Meaningful gift campaign donates over 500 phones and 50 tablets, and raises £27,000 for Crisis at Christmas. 


  • July
    Over £3 million worth of connectivity and devices donated, helping over 36,000 people. 
  • August
    We commit to helping another 50,000 people by 2025. We’ve now helped over 4,000 charities and organisations to date.
  • November
    We start our partnership with the Trussell Trust


  • January
    In partnership with the Trussell Trust, we launched 'The Little Helps Databank' & 'Connected food banks' schemes.
  • February
    We launched our Little Digital Helps Toolkit together with Internet Matters.

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