Family Perks

Save even more with your family 
Free monthly extras for you and your family


Family perks

Save even more with your family 
Free monthly extras for you and your family

What are Family Perks?

You’ll save even more with your family on Tesco Mobile. We know everyone in the family is different, so you can each choose your own free monthly perk to suit you. You can also manage everyone’s accounts in one place, making your life a little easier.

What can I get?

With more than one number on your account, each of you can choose one of these free perks to get every month.

250MB – 1GB of data

50p – £2 off your bill

75p – £2.25 off Tesco Mobile Protect insurance*

50 – 200 Tesco Clubcard points

150 – 500 minutes to any network

500 Tesco Mobile minutes

The amount you get in each perk depends on your monthly tariff price. And remember your Family Perk is free every month.

Every Little Helps.

*The insurance perk can only be chosen when you start your contract.

Frequently asked questions

Pay monthly customers, including SIM only customers, can get Perks as long as you’ve changed to a pay monthly contract or joined Tesco Mobile after 2 July 2012. You’ll also need two or more pay monthly contracts on your account. This includes pay monthly 4G tablets and tablets SIMs. If you have a tablet or tablet SIM, your Perk for the tablet will always be extra data.

When you join Tesco Mobile pay monthly, including SIM only, you’ll be able to choose your Perks at the checkout when you buy two or more contracts together.

If you’ve already got a pay monthly or SIM only contract, just add one or more contract to your account and each contract will get a free monthly Perk. You can choose your Perks in My Account or on our app.

You can have up to five contracts on your account. This means they’re on the same billing account and will need to be paid in one go each month using the same payment method.

You can add or change Perks in our app or by logging in to My Account, then:

  1. Go to View or change my tariff, credit agreement and buy or change data bundles
  2. Then Add or change a Family Perk for the contract you want

Remember to tick the box next to the Perk you want and accept the terms and conditions.

If you want to choose money off Tesco Mobile Protect as your Perk, you need to do this when buying your new phone – it’s not available a

Each Perk lasts for a month and renews each month on your bill date. It stays on your account until you ask us to change it or remove it. If you’re not eligible anymore, we’ll remove it from your next bill date.

You can change your Perk every month if you want to. Just go into My Account or our app any time to swap it and it’ll change on your next bill date.  The only exception to this is the money off Tesco Mobile Protect – you can only choose this when buying your phone. So if you don’t choose it when you get your phone, or change to a different Perk, you won’t be able to change to money off Tesco Mobile Protect at a later date.

If you end up with only one contract on your account, then your Perks will be cancelled from your next bill date. We’ll text you if this is going to happen. If you want to keep getting your Perk, just add another contract to your account.

No. You can only get Perks on an account that has two or more pay monthly or SIM only contracts. If you want to get Perks and you’ve got contracts on separate accounts, you’ll need to cancel one and set up new contracts on the same account (You can transfer your number over). Remember, if any contract’s still within its minimum term (for example, 24 months), then you might have to pay an early termination fee.

You can change it if you like, as long as you place the order for your bundle and Perk at the same time. But you can’t have 2 separate orders of the same type pending. For example, you can’t have a data Perk and a data bundle pending at the same time.

Pay monthly customers, including SIM only customers, can get Perks as long as they’ve changed to a pay monthly contract or joined Tesco Mobile after 2 July 2012. Pay as you go customers can’t get Perks. If you’re on one of these tariffs and you’d like to get Perks, you can choose a new pay monthly deal.

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Unlike other networks, we’ve never increased our customers’ prices mid-contract. Every Little Helps.

The Small Print

Free Perks: available for pay monthly accounts with multiple eligible subscriptions; allocated once per month; activation may take 48hrs; included minutes/texts are to calls/texts to 01,02,03 and UK mobile numbers only; UK data use only. Accounts are limited to 5 subscriptions. Clubcard points may be included in subsequent monthly statements. For full terms and call charges visit