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Switch to Tesco Mobile

Switch and Save with Clubcard on Tesco Mobile
It’s easy to join our award-winning network

How to jump aboard our trolley

Ready to shelve your current network? We’ll get you set up with us in no time, then you can sit back and enjoy all the perks of being one of our 5 million-plus customers. 





Pay monthly, SIM only, No-contract SIM or pay as you go. Choose the tariff that suits you best.





Keeping your number?

Text PAC to 65075

Want a new number?

Text STAC to 75075



You’ll get your PAC or STAC code within 60 seconds, and it’ll be valid for 30 days.

Then just give us your code when you join.

Got a question about switching?

For everything you need to know about switching, from getting a PAC code, to how long it’ll take to switch, just click on the button below.

We’re the only network that packs in all this

We keep your prices fixed

Unlike other networks, we don’t raise your bills during your contract. Price hikes aren’t our bag, so with us, your prices stay fixed. You could even say we keep them frozen… just like our peas. So that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Super speeds, clear connection

We share O2’s network, giving you 99% coverage across the UK on 4G – so there'll be no more searching for signal. Plus, you can take it to the next level with the roll-out of 5G, meaning an even faster, even more reliable connection.

The proof is in the pudding

The 2021 Which? Utilities Brand of the Year… A Which? Recommended Provider for 12 years running… The 2022 Uswitch Best Network for Customer Service and Best Value Pay Monthly Network… Hear why the experts say we’re the top bananas.

Spend less with Clubcard

No other network gives you a Clubcard point for every pound you spend, so you can save on your monthly phone bill or the cost of a new phone. And with Clubcard Prices, you have the power to instantly lower prices.