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Best Gaming Phones 

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    Discover the Best Gaming Phones with Tesco Mobile. Our range of high powered Samsung and Apple devices are perfect for Gaming on the go, whilst our Budget devices keep you in the game for less. Shop our range below.

Best Phones for Gaming

Our highest powered and best gaming phones are equipped with cutting-edge processors, high refresh rate displays, and immersive audio, these powerhouse devices redefine mobile gaming. From flagship models like the iPhone 15 Pro max to the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Elevate your gaming experience with Tesco Mobile's top-tier smartphones tailored for ultimate performance and enjoyment.

Best Budget Gaming Phones

If you are looking for a great gaming phone but for less, the popular galaxy A series has you covered. We have phones like the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A34 5G which have big display screens for gaming at budget friendly prices.

Best Gaming Phones 2024 - What to look for

Best Display for Mobile Gaming - Large displays are great for gaming phones, allowing you to see more of the action from corner to corner. Our Samsung gaming phones have some of the best displays for gaming, with the high resolution screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 or the latest Samsung Galaxy S24. 

Powerful processor - A great gaming phone needs a powerful processor to ensure smooth gameplay without lags or frame drops. This enables seamless gaming experience even with graphics-intensive games enhancing immersion and enjoyment. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series has one of the most advanced processor yet, the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy

RAM (Random access memory) - RAM allows the device to store and access game data quickly. With more RAM, games can run smoother, load faster and handle more complex graphics and game play without slowing down. 

Refresh rate - Phones with a high refresh rate are beneficial for gaming because they result in smoother motion and reduce motion blur. This provides gamers with a more responsive and immersive gaming experience allowing faster reaction times.