Little helps for your budget

Making your money go further.




Little helps for your budget

Making your money go further



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We’re all looking to make every penny count. And while we’re always working hard to bring you the best deals, right now, we also want to be extra sure you’re getting the best possible value from us – as well as getting any extra help you need. 

There are four helpful steps to getting the most from Tesco Mobile: Spend less with us, Make the most of Clubcard; Get the most from your phone, and Ask for help.

Here’s how:

Spend less with us

First, make sure you’re on the best plan – there are a whole range, so you can choose the one that suits you best. 

A Clubcard unlocks loads of value
. It gives you  
Clubcard Prices, which means money off phones, plans and accessories. (More on Clubcard below!) 

if you’re a family that wants a mix of data and goodies such as Clubcard points, money off, or insurance, then check out Family Perks instead.

For businesses – our business plans are up to 40% less than EE, O2 and Vodafone, and we give welcome bonuses on every line you take out, and team bonuses on all additional lines you add to your account, too.

Make the most of Clubcard

If you haven’t already got a Tesco Clubcard – get one. You get 1 point for every £1 you spend at Tesco or Tesco Mobile, which you can use to pay for shopping, phones or plans – as well as exclusive Clubcard prices and treats. Every little helps, after all.  

Join here to start saving,

Link your phone and Clubcard
to start saving, collecting and enjoying rewards.

Just text CLUBCARD to 28578 free from your Tesco Mobile phone 

See if Clubcard Plus could save you even more.
It’s £7.99 a month, and gives you up to £40 off your big shops every month – plus double data on some plans, 10% off F&F and more. 

You can 
find out more about Clubcard Plus here.

Get the most from your phone

There are a few simple phone habits that can make a real difference to how much data you use, so you can make your plan go further and do more.  

Turn off background synching. Make sure your phone isn’t running any updates or synching while you’re out and about. Check out our
user guides to see how.

Only stream music or video over wifi.  Music and video (especially HD video) tend to use up data fast, so only stream them when you’re on wifi. Most public places have free wifi now. It’s best to turn off HD quality, too.  Find your nearest Wifi hotspot using our helpful
coverage checker.

Set limits on your spending. You can set a Safety Buffer or a Zero Bill Cap on your account, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never over-spend. Just
download our App or log into your account to do this. 

Trade in your old device. If you’ve got an old phone or tablet lying around at home, not being used, our recommended trade in partner, Assurant, will give you money or a Tesco voucher in exchange for it. A simple, stress-free way to make some extra money.

Ask for help

If things are getting really tight, remember there is help available. For starters, our friends at Tesco Bank have put together some excellent advice on understanding your money.

We are the first and only mobile company to sponsor the
Money Advice Trust – the independent charity who run the National Debtline and the Business Debtline.  So we know that the first step to sorting out money problems is talking openly. That’s why we made a range of helpful websites free to access on your phone without using any data.

Worried about paying your bill? We’re here to help.
View your options and find the one that’s right for you.

And if you have specific support needs – such as being hearing or sight impaired, or are contacting us on behalf of a vulnerable customer – we can offer extra help and tailored support. There is more information here

All the charities and advice services listed here are free to access on your Tesco Mobile phone. 

Based on current pricing of EE, O2 and Vodafone for a 12-month SIM only plan with unlimited minutes/texts and a 5GB data allowance per month. See full details and comparison table. Click here for terms and conditions. 


Clubcard Plus: 
Tesco Mobile pay monthly customers only; available to new and existing customers. Double Data applied to one account per Clubcard Plus Subscription. Core tariff data only shall be doubled; data perks and additional data bundles excluded. Cancellation of Double Data will not cancel your Clubcard Plus Subscription. Cancellation of Clubcard Plus Subscription does not entitle customer to cancel pay monthly contract. Subject to status, UK residents only. Customers also eligible for double Clubcard points, £200 max spend per shop. In-store spend only. Exclusions apply. Clubcard App required. See Tesco Clubcard Plus terms and conditions apply.


Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions apply.
Tesco Mobile terms and conditions apply.
Tesco Clubcard Plus terms and conditions apply. .
Clubcard Plus Subscription terms and conditions also apply.