Before you upgrade

Getting ready to upgrade

To make sure your upgrade is as easy as possible, here are some helpful tips on how to prepare

Check your log-in details to access your account

To log in and upgrade, you’ll need your username and password. You chose these when you bought your contract, and you’ll find your username in your order confirmation email. Forgotten your username and/or password? No need to worry. Just click here and we’ll help you get logged in.

See when you can upgrade

You can find out if you can upgrade by logging in to My Account or by checking on our Tesco Mobile app. You’ll need to log in using our 2-step authentication process to see your full list of options, so make sure you have your phone handy, as we’ll need to send you a pin to log in, after you’ve provided your username and password.

If you’re looking to upgrade before the end of your contract, you may have to pay an early upgrade fee. Just click here to find out when early upgrade fees apply.

You won’t be able to upgrade if you’ve upgraded or changed your tariff in the last month, or if you haven’t paid your recent bills.

Make sure your billing address is up to date

Once you’re logged in to My Account, it’s important to check that your billing address is up to date. To make sure you’ll be able to upgrade, please update your address at least 72 hours beforehand. 

Check if you’ll need to swap your SIM

If your new phone takes the same size SIM as your current phone, you can simply pop your old SIM in, and you’ll keep your same number.

If your new phone comes with a different size SIM or you need to change to or from an eSIM, you’ll need to swap your SIM. (You might hear it called ‘doing a SIM swap’.) This is easy to do, and it means you’ll keep your same number. Just click here to find out how to swap your SIM.

For the latest eSIM info, head to our eSIM help page.

Reasons to upgrade

No other network gives you all this

Clubcard Prices – Frozen for your contract

If you take out one of our exclusive Clubcard Price deals, you won’t need to worry about your bill going up mid-contract – because we promise to freeze your basic monthly usage price for the length of your contract. That’s supermarket value.

Get extra data or money off with your family

You’ll get perks for all the family when you add them to your contract.

Save with Clubcard

Watch your savings add up with Clubcard – collect points, spend your vouchers and save even more with Clubcard Plus.

Our store colleagues aren’t on commission

You’ll always get the right deal for you.