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We’re giving you a little help to stay safe online, together with Internet Matters

We’re proud to sponsor Safer Internet Day 2024, which takes place on Tuesday 6 February, and raises awareness for a better internet for all, especially children and young people.

This year’s theme is all about making a difference, managing influence and navigating change, which we believe starts by setting your child up safely online using our Little Digital Helps Toolkit .

Created in partnership with online safety experts Internet Matters , this helpful tailored toolkit is packed with resources to help them navigate an ever-changing digital world.

First phone for kids – we’re here to help

We asked parents and carers about the challenges they’ve faced setting online safety rules and controls to keep their children safe online. We found that only half of them had set up safety controls before handing their children their first phone, so we’re here to help.

Together with Internet Matters, we’ve rounded up some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re setting your child’s phone up so they can swipe, surf and scroll safely.

To find more tailored online safety advice for your family, visit our Little Digital Helps Toolkit.

Tailored online safety advice for your device

Using the internet and apps on mobile devices opens up a whole world of opportunities for children when it comes to learning, connecting and having fun. But as a parent or carer, how do you help them stay safe online? ​

Our Little Digital Helps Toolkit gives you everything you need to get started in the form of a bespoke online safety plan for your children's devices, which you can easily access on your own device, including via email (if you've provided your email address).​

Simply by answering 9 quick questions about your children's digital habits, you'll unlock helpful resources and practical advice from the trusted experts at Internet Matters, tailored to your children's online safety needs. So you'll have the most relevant knowledge and up-to-date info to help keep your children safe online when they're using their devices.

Here are just some of the resources you’ll get:​

  • How-to guides to set up parental controls and privacy settings on popular apps and platforms ​
  • Recommendations for digital tools to support your children's interests and wellbeing​
  • Info on how to tackle online safety worries