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SIM Free

Unlocked & ready for any SIM

SIM Free, unlocked and with no contract 

All the flexibility with no commitment

Enjoy absolute freedom when you get your unlocked, SIM free phone from Tesco. It’s contract-free and happy with any SIM.

And since all our phones are completely unlocked, you have the flexibility to choose the best deal for you, whether it’s a pay as you go deal or pay monthly deal. SIM free phones also let you swap SIMs if you want multiple numbers across networks, and when you go abroad, you can put a local SIM card in to save money.

Why Choose SIM Free?

  • It’s the ultimate no-commitment phone deal
  • Not a fan of contracts? Get the phone you want with no ties
  • Get a price you’ll really love and then pair it with an amazing pay as you deal or pay monthly deal

Popular SIM Free phones


You can buy iPhones outright from Tesco from £409.99. Pair with a SIM only deal for maximum value.

Buy SIM Free iPhones


We’ve got everything, from mid-range to flagship. Buy a SIM free Samsung phone today from as little as £169.99.

And with SIM only tariffs from £7.50 (including fast 5G), you can start saving today.

Buy SIM Free Samsungs

Why choose Tesco Mobile?

99% coverage

You’ll get 99% UK network coverage as we share O2’s network.

So you’ll know that you can stay connected with your tablet when you’re out and about.

Check your coverage.

Which? Recommended Provider

You’ll be in safe hands as we have been named as a Which? Recommended Provider for Mobile Networks for the 11th year in a row.

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Collect Clubcards points

If you choose a Tesco Mobile SIM deal for your SIM Free phone, you’ll collect 1 point for every £1 you spend each month.

Save with Clubcard


Can I use a SIM free phone on any network?

Yes, you can use a SIM free phone on any network. As long as the number isn’t blocked and the phone isn’t locked, you can use any network SIM in a SIM free phone from Tesco Mobile.

What are SIM free phones?

SIM free phones are phones that don’t come with a SIM card. SIM free phones are also unlocked, meaning you can use them with any network. SIM free phones are popular choices for phone-users who want to buy their phones outright and (typically) pair with a SIM only deal. This often works out cheaper.

Does SIM free mean I can put any SIM card in it?

Yes. Provided the SIM works and the phone you have is unlocked, then you can use any SIM card. We use tri-SIMs, so you just pop out the size you need. Most newer phones use a nano SIM, but check the manufacturers information for more detail.