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At Tesco Mobile, we’re proud of the great service we provide so have teamed up with independent reviewer Reevoo to showcase real, unbiased Tesco Mobile reviews from our customers.

Reevoo is a trusted third-party reviewer which only allows for unedited and honest reviews. They believe in empowering customers to help them make better buying decisions.

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We couldn’t be happier that 98% of our customers would recommend us to their friends and a fantastic 95% of customers are happy with our customer service, but we’re always striving to improve.

With our capped rates to help customers control their rates, free EU roaming with Home from Home, and our Anytime Upgrade we provide a fantastic service. We have won Best MVNO at the Mobile Industry Awards, Best Customer Support from uSwitch, and many more awards, but our actual customer opinion is what matters most to us.

We believe that it’s incredibly important to showcase all our customer reviews whether bad or good so that we can continually strive to be better while portraying ourselves honestly to our customers.