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SIM Only Deals

Discover our best SIM only deals today with fully comprehensive pay as you go option or SIM only contract choices. Whether you’re looking for a deal packed with minutes, texts or unlimited data, there’s lots of SIM only deals to choose from with Tesco Mobile.

4G pay monthly SIM only

Perfect if you want to keep your 4G phone and get more data and minutes each month.

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5G SIM only contracts

Perfect if you've got a 5G phone and you want lots of data and minutes each month.

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No-contract SIM

From £7.50 a month. No strings.

The same data, minutes and texts as pay monthly, with the ‘pay as you go’ flexibility to change or take a break.

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Need a business tariff? Browse our business SIM only deals.

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What is SIM Only?
SIM only is just the SIM. That’s it. No strings – just minutes, texts, and data to use in your current phone. You can choose a pay monthly SIM or a pay as you go SIM and take it from there.
Why Choose SIM Only?
Ease. If you’ve just picked up an iPhone 11 and have no intention of changing now, then just buy the tariff of minutes, texts and data you need and keep your favourite handset. If you’re looking for a phone, then check out our current mobile deals.
Can I Get 5G?
If your phone is 5G-ready, then pair it with our 5G SIM contracts. If you’re not sure if your phone can use a 5G network, check our page of 5G phones to double check.
What SIM Will I Get?
All Tesco Mobile SIM plans come with our tri-SIM which fits phones with different sim size requirements. It’ll work with everything from your Samsung A51 to your iPhone 11. One size fits all.
How Much Data Do I Need?
That depends! Use your existing bills as a guide or our mobile data calculator to estimate how much data you need based on your current or intended usage.