Help & Support


What happens after upgrading

After you’ve upgraded, your order will be with you next day, if you order Monday – Friday before 4pm. You’ll get an email from us as soon as it’s on its way. This email will also include your contract information including tariff, bundles and insurance.

If you have a delivery question, our Delivering your order article will be able to help.

Setting up your new phone

If you ordered a new SIM card with your new phone, it will be on the side of the box.

You’ll also need to switch your number to your new SIM. Whilst your number is switching over, this SIM may show as a Tesco Mobile pay as you go SIM card. This is normal and will change when your number has transferred.

If you need a new SIM, please call 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone or for business customers call

0345 601 2448.

Getting to know your new phone

If you’d like some help using your new phone, have a look at our device guides. You’ll be able to find out how to get started, connect to a Wi-Fi connection, set up an email account and much more.

Quick reminder: After upgrading your bill date stays the same and your new tariff will start on your next bill date.