Topping Up

Topping up for someone else

The easiest way to top-up someone else’s Tesco Mobile phone for them is to top-up online by selecting the ‘New user’ button and following the instructions.

Just so you know, you can only top-up if you’re a pay as you go customer. If you’re on a pay monthly contract, call 4488 from your Tesco Mobile phone to make a payment. 

First time topping-up?

If you’ve just joined Tesco Mobile with a pay as you go SIM, it’s easy to top-up for the first time. Your first top-up will need to be done by buying a voucher from any Tesco store, using a digital voucher or by topping-up online.

If you’ve got a no-contract SIM, you can also top-up for the first time online, using your card, Paypal or bank details to top-up. 

Ways to top up

The easiest way to top up is to top-up online

  • you can top-up as a guest for one-off payments.
  • you can set up an account, so you’ll be able to make one-off, regular and automatic top-ups using a credit/debit card, PayPal or your bank details.
If you top-up someone else’s phone, you can save the numbers within your account, making future top-ups hassle-free.

  • You can top up with an E-voucher and keep track of your balance anytime in our pay as you go app.
  • If you want to top up via credit or debit card in our app, you’ll need to call us on 4444 to register your card to your account first.

To top-up with your credit or debit card, or with a voucher

You can buy a top-up voucher from any Tesco store. The voucher is a paper receipt with a 16 digit voucher number on it. 

To use a voucher:

On you can buy a £10 voucher£15 voucher£20 voucher

  • Go to digital voucher top-ups by clicking here
  • Add your voucher amount to your basket
  • Sign into your account to purchase (use the same login details as if you were doing a Tesco grocery shop or logging into see your Clubcard info)
  • You’ll receive the usual email confirming your order, then within the hour you’ll get another email with the details of the digital top-up voucher in it.
  • To apply the voucher, you can use the Tesco Mobile app, top-up with My Account or call 4444 free from your Tesco Mobile phone, or 0345 940 0000 from a landline. To top-up, just use the voucher code supplied in the email

If you need one, you can order an E top-up card online via My Account. Before you can use the E top-up card, you must register it to your mobile number – to do this:

  • Text TOPUP to 28589 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

Once you’ve registered your E top-up card you can use it to top-up at any Tesco store or in over 100,000 shops that display the green E top-up logo.

When you top-up, you’ll be given a receipt with the transaction ID. Please keep this in case there’s an issue with the top-up.

Frequently asked questions

For your first top-up you will need to top-up online or buy a top-up voucher in store. 

If you’ve used your credit or debit card before but you’ve changed your address since the last time you used it, when you call 4444 or 0345 940 0000 to top-up you’ll need to enter the full details again so you can then update your address. If you’re only entering the last 4 digits, please try entering the full 16 digit card number instead.  

Your first top-up will need to be done by buying a voucher from any Tesco store, using a digital voucher or by topping-up online so that your card details are stored for next time you want to top-up. 

If you’ve got a no-contract SIM, you can also top-up for the first time online, using your card, Paypal or bank details to top-up.

If you have an Android or Apple phone you can download the Tesco Mobile App and see your balance anytime. The app is free to use. 

You can dial 4444 to hear your balance, type *#10# into your keypad to see your balance on screen or text BALANCE to 2112 to see your balance and remaining allowances. 

You can also check your balance online in My Account

Please give it 10 minutes for your balance to update. If it hasn’t updated by then, please check if you are on our No-contract SIM tariff with Rocket Packs. If you are, your credit will have bought you a Rocket Pack. If you’re not on our No Contract SIM tariff with Rocket Packs and your balance has not updated after 10 minutes, then please contact us by calling Customer Care on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone.

You can change or add a data bundle in the Tesco Mobile app, and can change or add a data, minutes or texts bundle in My Account or by calling 282.

Ping Me A Pound* lets you request a £1 top-up from somebody else’s credit. 

You can sign up by calling 282 free from your mobile or online at My Tesco Mobile

1. Login 

2. Go to ‘My Cards and Services’ 

3. Enter the child’s name and mobile number 

4. Click ‘Add’ and ‘Confirm’ 

Once registered, you can request £1 by calling 282 free from your mobile. The other user will receive a premium rate text message to confirm you’ve requested £1 and this will be debited from their top-up credit. 

*Remember only a single £1 top-up credit can be received in any 24-hour period and it’s only available to Tesco Mobile pay as you go customers.

From 27/04/21, pay monthly customers can no longer top-up. However, if you’re a pay monthly customer and you’d like to make a payment, you can do this by calling 4488 from your Tesco Mobile phone.