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Lower mobile prices with the power of Tesco Clubcard

We think your loyalty should be rewarded, so being a Tesco Clubcard member just got even more rewarding. With Clubcard Prices, you have the power to instantly lower prices when you use your Clubcard at Tesco Mobile, giving you great-value deals on pay monthly and SIM free phones, pay monthly SIMs, and tablets and mobile accessories. That’s instant savings across products, from the latest mobiles to your everyday fruit and veg, exclusively for Clubcard members.

Plus, when you take out a Clubcard Price deal on a pay monthly phone or SIM, you won’t need to worry about your bill going up mid-contract – because we promise to freeze your basic monthly usage price for the length of your contract.

Don’t have a Clubcard yet? It’s free, quick and easy to sign up. Join Clubcard to start saving now.

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Thousands of customers have rated us on Trustpilot, saying things like ‘helpful, knowledgeable and experienced’. Aww, thanks guys. This is the recognition that means the most. 

Multi-award-winning network

At the 2024 Uswitch Telecoms Awards, we were named Network of the Year, Best Network for Customer Service (for the third year in a row) and Best Handset Contract Network. And we’re rated as ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.


Every year since 2017, Ofcom has released an annual report comparing service levels across the telecoms industry. And every year, we’ve been their least-complained-about mobile network – receiving just 3 complaints per 100,000 customers. That’s a percentage as tiny as our petits pois.

Expert Reviews

Highlighted by Expert Reviews for winning hearts and minds with our excellent customer service and support, we were Highly Commended in the Customer Service category at their 2021 Mobile Network Awards. Of all the customers they surveyed, 94% said they'd recommend us to someone else.

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