Clubcard Prices

You have the power to instantly lower prices


Clubcard Prices

You have the power to instantly lower prices

Lower mobile prices with the power of Tesco Clubcard

We think that your loyalty should be rewarded, so being a Tesco Clubcard member just got even more rewarding. With Clubcard Prices, you have the power to instantly lower prices when you use your Clubcard at Tesco Mobile, giving you great-value deals on pay-monthly and SIM-free phones, as well as pay monthly SIMs, tablets and accessories. That’s instant savings across products, from the latest mobiles to your everyday fruit and veg, exclusively for Clubcard members.

Don’t have a Clubcard yet? It’s free, quick and easy to sign up. Join Clubcard to start saving now.

Unleash the power of Clubcard Prices and bag these unbeatable deals.



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Frequently asked questions

Clubcard Prices reward our Clubcard members with exclusive lower prices on selected deals in-store, online and on the phone.

To get Clubcard Prices on selected pay monthly, simply provide your Clubcard number when you’re checking out in-store, online or on the phone, after selecting your Clubcard Price deal.

To get Clubcard Prices on selected pay-as-you-go Rocket Packs, simply scan your Clubcard at the till in-store, and register your Clubcard in the Tesco Mobile app or My Account. If you’re an existing Rocket Pack customer please follow below steps.

STEP 1. Firstly, you will need to register your Clubcard by texting CLUB2021 to 28578.

STEP 2. You will need enough credit on phone for the desired Clubcard Price Rocket Pack

STEP 3. Once completed you then send either text “ROCKET20” or “ROCKET30” to short code 28948.

STEP 4. You will then receive the discounted Clubcard price ROCKET20 will be £15 and ROCKET30 will be £20

Once registered your Rocket Pack will last one month, but it’ll automatically renew each month at the Clubcard Price, as long as you have enough credit on your account, or if you’ve set up a recurring payment. You’ll be able to get the Clubcard Price for a maximum of 12 consecutive months, before your Rocket Pack goes back to the regular price.

To get Clubcard Prices on selected SIM-free devices or accessories, simply scan your Clubcard at the till in-store, after selecting your Clubcard Price deal. If you're shopping online at, you'll have a Clubcard number on your account already, so you'll get Clubcard Prices automatically.

You need to have a Clubcard to get Clubcard Prices. It’s free, quick and easy to sign up, and Clubcard members get bags of other great benefits, too. You need to be 18 or over to join. You can either download the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app from the app store, or sign up on the Clubcard website. Once you’ve signed up, you can simply follow the steps in the previous three questions, depending on which Clubcard Price deal you want.

On your Clubcard

It’s the long number on the front, below your name.

On your key fob

It’s on the back, near the QR code.

In your Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app

On the Clubcard screen, tap on ‘Tap to scan’ and your number will be displayed.

In your Clubcard app

On the home screen, tap on ‘It did not scan?’ and your number will be displayed.

On your Tesco Bank credit card

It’s on the back, on the bottom left.

We’ll clearly mark our Clubcard Price deals with a yellow Clubcard Price label, both in-store and online.

To get Clubcard Prices, you need to provide your Clubcard number at the time of purchase if you’re buying a pay-monthly contract. If you’re buying a SIM-free device or accessory, or a pay-as-you-go Rocket Pack in-store, you need to scan your Clubcard at the till. If you don’t have your Clubcard or key fob with you when shopping, remember you can use your Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app.