Little helps

Little Helps

Making a big difference


Little helps

Little Helps

Making a big difference

Little Helps during lockdown

We set up the Little Helps scheme at the start of the pandemic, to get phones and data to people who really needed them.



Since the first lockdown, we’ve donated more than 10,550 data-loaded devices and 10,685 SIMs to over 500 charities and community initiatives across a broad range of areas including: homelessness, domestic abuse, autism, drug rehabilitation and children of prisoners, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and individual MPs and local constituents.  

Tesco Mobile Reconnects for Schools

When children had to learn from home again at the start of 2021, headteachers told us that they had pupils without devices or connectivity. We donated tablets and data to children who needed them, so that they could keep up with their schoolwork, classmates and teachers. In total we supported 240 schools and helped more than 4000 pupils to stay connected during lockdown.

Little Helps: Making a big difference.

Connecting young people with autism

‘The phones Tesco Mobile donated have literally been a lifeline during the lockdown period.' Faith, Perth Autism

The first charity we helped in April 2020 was Perth Autism Support, who were struggling to reach vulnerable young people with autism. We donated phones and data to families of children with autism, so they could continue to get advice when they needed it most. Young people who were too anxious to speak on the phone could also be supported via text. 

Supporting rough sleepers

'When I was giving the phones to people, some of them were moved to tears because it meant they could contact their families.' Cath, St. Mungo's

St Mungo’s in Westminster works with rough sleepers to help undo psychological trauma and offer practical support to turn their lives around. During the pandemic, Tesco Mobile donated smartphones and pre-loaded sims to help their service users access emergency accommodation, protect their wellbeing and get in touch with loved ones. 

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Helping victims of domestic abuse

‘Mobile phones are usually the first thing taken away by abusers… the phones we've had from Tesco Mobile have helped to give victims control back over their lives.' Zoe, Detective Sergeant, Dyfed and Powys Police

A phone can be a lifeline if your home isn't safe. As the first lockdown kept everyone in their homes, many people were isolated with their abusers and needed help. We donated phones, devices and connectivity to Dyfed Powys Police in Wales and Angus Women’s Aid in Scotland, to help them safeguard the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence, coercive control and stalking. 

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Little Helps for communities

Our care for human connection continues… 

Little Helps will continue helping vulnerable people through grassroots charities and organisations working in these areas: 

  • Families and young people
  • Mental health
  • Domestic abuse
  • Homelessness


If you represent an organisation or charity in one of these areas and you need help, please email