Little helps

Little helps

At Tesco Mobile we’re giving the gift of connection

We care for human connection, so at the start of the pandemic, we set up the Little Helps scheme to get devices and data to people who really need them.

Since the first lockdown, we’ve donated more than 27,000 devices and more than 28,000 data-loaded SIMs to over 4000 charities and community initiatives, covering areas such as: vulnerable families and young people, homelessness, domestic abuse, mental health and refugees arriving in the UK.



Reconnecting Ukrainian refugees to vital support services

“The donations provided by Tesco Mobile have been absolutely critical for those fleeing conflict.” Chris, British Red Cross.

Digital connection is proving to be one of the few ways for people arriving from Ukraine to access essential support in the UK. One of Tesco’s valued colleagues has been volunteering every Saturday since the Ukrainian conflict began, helping refugees with vital assistance as they arrive in the UK for the first time at Luton Airport.

Supporting victims of domestic violence

"It is amazing to have a stock of phones ready for people who come through the door with absolutely nothing.” Sarah, Sanctus

Supporting rough sleepers

“We had been struggling to stay in contact with rough sleepers due to their lack of connectivity.  The devices provided by Tesco Mobile have been transformational.” Rebecca, South Norfolk and Broadland Council.

Protecting children and young people

“The devices donated by Tesco Mobile supported us to reshape our traditional communication model.” Claire, Barnardo’s.

Little Helps – how to get in touch

Our care for human connection continues, so we’ll keep helping vulnerable people through grassroots charities and organisations, working in these areas:

  • Families and young people
  • Mental health
  • Domestic abuse
  • Homelessness


If you represent a charity or organisation in one of these areas, and you need help, please get in touch with us at