Roaming and International charges with Tesco Mobile

Using your phone abroad or to call another country from the UK

Let us help you work out how much it is going to cost you to use your phone while you’re abroad or to make an international call from the UK.

Simply select the country you are calling from and to, from the dropdowns below.

Making calls
(per min)
Receiving calls
(per min)
Sending texts
(per message)
Receiving texts
(per message)
Using data
(per MB)
Network Provider

To call/text message a UK number you can dial the number just as you do in the UK without any international dialling code. To call/text message any other country you'll need to dial the country code first. Just dial 00, then the country code, followed by the area code (without the 0) and then the phone number.

Texts to mobiles

These charges apply for pay monthly and pay as you go users. Call charges relate to calling an international phone while you're in the UK and prices for the country you're calling depend on the Calling Zone it's in. Costs shown are per minute in pounds (£). E.g. 0.40 = 40p.

Please see UK Call Charges

Inadvertent roaming

Inadvertent roaming is when your phone connects to a network in a different country, even though you’re not actually in that country. For example, if you’re in Northern Ireland and close to the border, you could inadvertently roam to a network in the Republic of Ireland, which could lead to unexpected roaming charges (although the Republic of Ireland is one of our 48 Home From Home destinations, where there are no roaming fees until 2025). This could also happen in other countries when you’re close to borders, for example, in Turkey.

We’ll send you a text if your phone connects to a network in a different country. You can also check what network you’re connected to in your phone’s settings. Our helpful device guides can show you how to do this.

In your phone’s settings, you can turn off data roaming to avoid any data roaming charges. You can also turn off automatic network selection and instead manually select what network you want to connect to. Our device guides can show you how.

By setting a zero bill cap or safety buffer, you can make sure you never spend more on your bill than you’re happy to. You can manage your zero bill cap or safety buffer in our app or My Account.