Helping you through this challenging time

Now, more than ever, we want you to feel connected and secure. Here are some little helps that we hope will make a difference.

Most of our Tesco Mobile Phone Shops are open between 9am – 6pm or 10am – 7pm

We’ve introduced some measures to help keep everyone safe:

  • Perspex screens are fitted at till and sign up points
  • All stores will work to 2m social distancing
  • Stores will have limits on the number of customers in store at any time
  • Every store will have a colleague to greet customers who are waiting and colleague to help inside the store

Free access to the information you need

You can now visit a range of helpful websites for free on your phone, without using any data, from financial support, to mental health and Government advice.

For those who need assistance abroad at this time, we’ve also made some key airline UK phone numbers free to call from anywhere in the world. Check the list

You can also call the UK 101 police non-emergency number for free.

Free data and minutes for our NHS frontline workers – Now extended until 31 July

Our frontline NHS England pay monthly customers are getting free monthly bundles of 500GB data and 5000 minutes. We know how hard you’re working and how tough it can be. This is our way to help keep you connected. Thank you for your remarkable work to help the nation.

The scheme is now closed to new applicants, but if you registered by 31 July then you will continue to get the free data and minutes until 30 September.

Your tariff price won’t go up

In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to know what you’ll be spending on your bills. So we are proud to stand by our commitment to no mid-contract prices rises again this year.

This means that we will not increase your tariff price for the whole of your contract. We have done this for our customers since 2013 and we’re pleased to continue to support you in this way.

Find out more about our Tariff Promise

Protecting our people in Care and Telesales

Keeping our colleagues safe at this time is our top priority. Working from home is not straightforward for our colleagues in our contact centres. In the last few months the team has introduced a host of initiatives to help keep our colleagues safe.

So our colleagues can work from home, the team has launched a brand new telephony solution so advisors can take calls from home, including processing payments. We now have 85% of colleagues using these solutions so they can work from home.

For the remainder of colleagues, who prefer to come in to the office, the team has set up social distancing measures to keep them as safe as possible at work.

Helping those in need

As well as helping our customers, we also want to help those in the community who are struggling to keep in touch at this tough time. There are an estimated 2.7 million people in the UK with no mobile or broadband connection at all.

We’re proud to support people across the UK to help the most vulnerable in our society stay connected.

Phones for kids in need

Lockdown has been extra tough for some families who don’t have internet access. Tesco Mobile has given 150 smartphones to families living in lockdown who are in need. This means that these children have been able to keep up with their school work and stay in touch with family and friends.