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Colleague discount

If you’re a Tesco Mobile or Tesco colleague, you can get 10% off pay monthly for you and 9 friends and family.

How do I get it?

Please go to your company intranet page to find out how to get your exclusive 10% colleague discount. If you’re the friend or family member of a colleague, please ask them to go to their company intranet to find out any more information that you need.

Colleague discount

How to use your colleague discount voucher

You can use it online, in store or over the phone.

In store or over the phone, let us know that you’ve got a colleague discount voucher code before we start your order.

Your payment details

If you want to buy online, just choose your deal as normal and then enter the code at the checkout, on the page where you enter your payment details. You’ll see the prices change once your code’s been applied.

Please note that you need one unique voucher code for each contract you buy.

Checking how many vouchers you’ve got available

Each colleague can get up to 10 colleague discount vouchers. To check how many you’ve used and how many you can still request, please text Chkdeal to 67600.

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