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Tesco Clubcard points

Tesco Clubcard points

You can collect Tesco Clubcard points with Tesco Mobile. You can also spend your Clubcard vouchers on your monthly Tesco Mobile bill when you convert them into Clubcard Partner vouchers.

How to collect your points

To link your phone to your Tesco Clubcard, text CLUBCARD to 28578 free from your Tesco Mobile phone and follow the instructions.

Pay monthly
You collect a point for every £1 you spend on your mobile bill.

Pay as you go
You collect a point for every £1 you top-up in our app, online, in Tesco stores or by calling 4444
from your Tesco Mobile phone.

You’ll see all the points you’ve collected on your next available Clubcard statement or in the Clubcard app.

Don’t have a Clubcard yet? Join Clubcard now

How to spend your vouchers at Tesco Mobile

You’ll get double the value of your Clubcard points when you convert them into Clubcard Partner vouchers for Tesco Mobile.

  1. Collect Tesco Clubcard points
  2. Head to the Clubcard website or app
  3. Turn your points into a Clubcard Partner voucher for Tesco Mobile
  4. Use your voucher to get money off your monthly bill at Tesco Mobile

You can double up your vouchers when you get your quarterly Clubcard statement or you can use the Clubcard app to get Faster Vouchers to reduce your Tesco Mobile bill every month.

Find out more on the Clubcard website

Have you already got your Clubcard Partner vouchers? Use them to reduce your bill in My Account.