Pay Monthly Tablets

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Why choose a pay monthly tablet?

  • Enjoy a bigger screen for playing and working from home
  • Use your tablet for home schooling
  • So much more portable than a laptop
  • You don’t need to share Wi-Fi with everyone as you have your own data
  • You can spread the cost of a pay monthly tablet with Tesco Mobile


Order over the phone: 0800 433 4999
Or grab a tablet next time you’re shopping in Tesco. Come and see us in the Tesco Mobile shop.

Choose a Tesco Mobile tablet so you can…

  • Get your own monthly data allowance, separate from your home Wi-Fi
  • Cap your bill so it’s never higher than you expect
  • Collect 1 Clubcard point for every £1 on your bill
  • Get free extra data when you add it to a current Tesco Mobile contract
  • Use your data in Europe just as you do at home (when it’s safe to travel)

Your affordable 10 inch tablet

Samsung A7 Android tablet

  • 10 inch tablet
  • 4G data
  • Monthly data from 1GB to Unlimited data
  • Spread the cost over 12 months to 36 months
  • From £12.99 a month, 1GB data, on a 36 month contract
  • Take your new pay monthly tablet home from Tesco.
    Find your local Tesco Mobile shop.

Why choose Tesco Mobile for your tablet?

Spread the cost

Make your tablet more affordable by spreading the cost - you choose your contract length.

And you can change your data allowance down or up any time to suit you.

99% coverage

You’ll get 99% UK network coverage as we share O2’s network.

So you’ll know that you can stay connected with your tablet when you’re out and about.

Check your coverage.

Free extra data

Add your tablet to your existing account or get another one to get extra data with Family Perks.

Save up to £144 over your contract if you buy a tablet as a second connection.

Our value promise

  • Our store colleagues aren’t on commission
  • Our prices stay frozen throughout your contract
  • Collect Clubcard points and spend 2x your vouchers at Tesco Mobile
  • Get more data for free with Family Perks

Our Value Promise

Tablet FAQs

You can watch, browse, read, listen, work and play on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. A smartphone is obviously the most portable, but a tablet really gives you the freedom to enjoy a larger screen, and even get on with your work or home school. A laptop has more storage of course, but it’s not as portable as a tablet.

You can use it for streaming music, home schooling, browsing online, playing games, reading documents or e-books, shopping online and more.

Yes, on the Samsung A7 you can send and receive texts and make calls over 4G or Wi-Fi using apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and so on.

Yes, if you want to save your 4G data allowance. On the other hand, your Tesco Mobile pay monthly tablet comes with its own data allowance, meaning you don’t have to connect to Wi-Fi if you’d rather use data.