Unblock your mobile/ get your PUK code

If your SIM is blocked, we’ll help you unlock it. This is different from unlocking your phone when you join us from another network or when you move to another network from Tesco Mobile

If you’ve entered your PIN code incorrectly 3 times your SIM card will be blocked and you’ll be unable to make or receive calls/texts. 

To unblock your device you’ll need your PUK. A PUK stands for Pin Unlock Key, and you can get this by calling us on 0345 301 4455 or 4455 from a Tesco Mobile device. 

If the error message on your phone says that you need a PUK, when you call us you can select the PUK option, which will talk you through how to unblock your SIM. 

Once you have your PUK code, if you enter it incorrectly 10 times, this will permanently block your SIM, and you’ll need a new one to be sent to you. If this happens, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. 

If you’re a business customer, call us on 0345 601 2448

Please make sure your SIM is activated before using the ’unblock my mobile’ service. This means if you’ve joined us from another network, checking that your switch to Tesco Mobile has happened.