Clubcard plus on us FAQs

Clubcard plus on us

Here you'll find all of the answers you need to get going with Clubcard Plus on us

How do I get it?

  • Join Tesco Mobile on an eligible pay monthly tariff. After 4 days, you’ll get a text and email with the coupon code.
  • Redeem your coupon code to start your Clubcard Plus subscription
  • There’s nothing to pay for the first 6 months, but you need to give your card details when you join
  • Once you’ve joined you’ll be able to start saving in-store at Tesco right away
  • To get double data, make sure you activate your Tesco Mobile benefit in your Clubcard Plus account or in the Clubcard Plus app


If you’re already subscribed to Clubcard Plus, you can still get 6 months on us. In the Clubcard app, redeem your coupon code on your Clubcard Plus account page.

What happens after 6 months?

  • When the 6 months on us is nearly up, we’ll send you a reminder
  • To keep all the benefits and continue your subscription at £7.99 a month, you don’t have to do anything
  • Or you can cancel the subscription, all the benefits will stop and you won’t pay anything


Frequently asked questions

Clubcard Plus is a monthly subscription, giving you up to four different ways to save, for only £7.99 a month.

With Clubcard Plus, you can get up to four great benefits for only £7.99 every month. You get 10% off 2 shops in store every month and 10% off selected Tesco brands every time you shop in store. Tesco Mobile pay monthly customers can get double data and double Clubcard points. This information is available on the Clubcard website.

Within 4 days we'll email and text the account holder with your coupon code. Click on the link in the email or text to redeem your coupon code and join Clubcard Plus. To get your double data, activate your Tesco Mobile benefit in your Clubcard Plus account.

Customers will get a text and email 4 days after you place your order. The text and email will contain the coupon code, expiry date and a link to the Clubcard Plus website.

When you use one of your 10% off 2 big shops digital coupons, you’ll get 10% off your regular grocery shopping in Tesco. This includes food, drinks, alcohol, household, pet, baby, health and beauty. Other non-food items are excluded and the usual Clubcard exclusions apply. Don’t forget, if you scan your Clubcard app you'll also get 10% off selected Tesco brands all the time.

Note that due to Minimum Unit Pricing rules in Scotland, when purchasing alcohol, you may not receive some or all of the 10% discount to the extent that it would reduce the price of the products concerned below the Minimum Unit Price.

Yes, your 10% off 2 shops and 10% off selected Tesco brands will be applied after promotional discounts. Some exclusions do apply. Full terms and conditions are available on the Clubcard website.

With Clubcard Plus you can get 10% off selected Tesco brands all the time, whenever you want. The brands are; F&F, Fred & Flo, Go Cook, Tesco Pet, Carousel and Fox & Ivy. This benefit is available in store only.

It's on us for 6 months, and then it continues at £7.99 a month. We'll send you a reminder before your 6 months is up, in case you want to cancel. You can cancel your Clubcard Plus subscription at any time during the 6 month period by clicking on the “Cancel Renewal” button within the Clubcard app.

You can cancel your Clubcard Plus subscription at any time during the 6 month period by clicking on the “Cancel Renewal” button within the Clubcard app.

No, the double data benefit from Clubcard Plus is only for pay monthly tariffs.

The Clubcard Plus offer will be available on selected Anytime Upgrade Flex tariffs and on 12 or 18 months SIM only tariffs from £12.50 or above.

1-month SIMO deals and PAYG tariffs are excluded for this offer.

Double data benefit

Once you've subscribed to Clubcard Plus you'll be able to activate your double data in your Clubcard app.

Once you've activated it, your core data allowance will double on your pay monthly contract. One-off data bundles or extra data from Family Perks won't be doubled.

Yes, both new and existing customers can get double data when you either join Tesco Mobile or upgrade.

As long as you have the same mobile phone number, your double data will continue automatically and update to reflect your core data allowance with Tesco Mobile. Any changes will take place from your next Tesco Mobile bill date.

Use your coupon code to join Clubcard Plus. Then when your new tariff starts, activate your double data benefit in the Clubcard app.

Yes, pay monthly SIM only contracts are eligible for double data when you subscribe to Clubcard Plus.

Check your Clubcard Plus Account or your Tesco Mobile account, remember it could take up to 24 hours to activate your double data.

Your Clubcard points will show on your next Tesco Mobile phone bill.

Tesco Mobile customers, with a pay monthly contract, who live at the same address that the Clubcard Plus subscription is registered to.

Yes, you can give your double data to someone on the same Tesco Mobile account as you, or someone who live at the same address the Clubcard Plus subscription is registered to.

In your Clubcard Plus account, you can transfer your benefit to a different number in your Tesco Mobile account, or to a number registered to the same address as your Clubcard Plus subscription. All changes will take place following your next Tesco Mobile bill date.

No it's just for one number. One Clubcard Plus subscription gives you double data on Tesco Mobile for one Tesco Mobile phone number.

No, your double data can only be applied once to any number.

Assuming you have a Clubcard linked to your Tesco Mobile account, you will get double Clubcard points on the bill amount of the mobile phone number getting double data.

It won’t show on your Tesco Mobile contract, as the Tesco Mobile benefit is linked to your Clubcard Plus subscription.

Unlimited data customers subscribing to Clubcard Plus won’t be able to double your data but you'll still get double Clubcard points and the rest of Tesco savings in store.


New and upgrading customers will receive 6 months free Clubcard Plus subscription with eligible tariff. Subscription price of £7.99 per month automatically charged if not cancelled before expiry of free period. Redemption, Clubcard Plus registration and active subscription required to receive advertised benefits. Terms apply. Save up to £40 in-store every month: £40 saving based on 10% off 2 shops at £200 max spend in-store per month. Clubcard app required. Exclusions apply. Double data: requires activation. See