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Your Safety Buffer

What’s a safety buffer?

A safety buffer allows you to set the amount you’re happy to spend above your monthly tariff on things not included in your monthly allowance.

This includes sending picture messages, calling or texting premium rate numbers, calling 101 or 05 numbers, making international calls, using extra minutes, texts or data, using your phone outside our Home From Home destinations or anything else that’s chargeable.

What’s a zero bill cap?

A zero bill cap allows you to stop yourself from spending anything at all over your monthly tariff. This caps your bill at your tariff price. It means you won’t be able to do anything except use your monthly allowances.

You won’t be able to send picture messages, call or text premium rate numbers, make international calls or dial 05 numbers. You also won’t be able to use extra minutes, texts or data, use your phone outside our Home From Home destinations or do anything else that’s chargeable.

How do I manage my safety buffer or zero bill cap?

You can view, change or add a safety buffer or zero bill cap

You can increase your safety buffer immediately up until your next bill date, or you can permanently increase or decrease it from your next bill date.

If you’ve got more than one number on your account, you’ll need a separate safety buffer or zero bill cap for each number. Only the bill payer can manage the safety buffers or zero bill caps for each number.

> Find out more about capping your bill.

What if I haven’t got a safety buffer?

If you didn’t choose a safety buffer when you joined or if you‘ve removed it, you’ll still be protected by your high usage limit, which will stop you running up a very high bill.

If you want more control than that, you can set a safety buffer or zero bill cap any time and it’ll come into effect on your next bill date.

The easiest way to cap your bill is

On the other hand, if you want to spend more, you can increase your high usage limit

  • by calling Customer Care on 4455 from your Tesco Mobile phone.