Tesco Mobile

Keep an eye on your account essentials

Keep on top of your data

You might need a bit more data sometimes, so you’ve got two options to help you get the best value:

•    Buy a one-off data bundle to last you until your next allowance starts
•    Or increase your monthly data allowance

Buy a one-off data bundle

If you run out of data mid-month, you can avoid paying our standard data rates with  these one-off bundles that keep you going until your new allowance kicks in:

  • 500MB is £2.50
  • 1GB is £5.00
  • 2GB is £7.50
  • 5GB is £11
  • 10GB is £15
  • 20GB is £20
  • 50GB is £35

The easiest place to get your one-off data bundle is to buy it in our free Tesco Mobile app. You can also buy your bundle in My Account or call 4488, free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

Using your one-off data bundle

You’ll be able to use your data bundle straight away and you’ll be charged for it on your next bill. The bundle lasts until your next bill date, which means that any data you’ve got left won’t roll over. Find out when your bill date is.

Increase your monthly data allowance

You can increase your monthly data allowance at any time, and your new allowance will start on your next bill date. We’ve got bundles from 500MB to 50GB. To get one, just use our app or log in to My Account. And of course you’re free to go back to your original allowance the next month, or any other month if you end up with too much data.

How much data do you need?

Find out how much data you might use in a typical month with our handy data calculator.