For each qualifying additional line you add to your Tesco Mobile for Business account, you’ll get up to £100 off as a joining bonus plus up to £40 as an additional line reward on top of that. That’s up to £140 off your bill.

And with more than one line on your business account, you’ll also be able to choose a free monthly multi-line perk for each number. Choose from money off your bill, extra data, extra minutes and more.

How does it work?
When you join Tesco Mobile for Business on a new qualifying account or you add a qualifying additional line to your account, you’ll get a joining bonus of £100 bill credit for pay monthly phone contracts and £20 bill credit for 12 month or more SIM only contracts.

On top of this, for qualifying additional lines, you’ll get an extra £40 bill credit for contracts of £20 or more a month, or £20 bill credit for contracts of less than £20. Qualifying additional lines are pay monthly phone contracts or SIM only contracts of 12 months or more.

How to get your additional lines

When you buy your additional line, remember to sign in to your Tesco Mobile for Business account when you check out and we’ll do the rest.

Choose your additional pay monthly only contract

Choose your additional SIM only contract

You can also come and see us in store or give us a call on 0800 032 1160

Frequently asked questions

You can add 4 additional lines, giving you a total of 5 numbers on your account.

Yes this offer is available on 12 month or more SIM only contracts as well as phone contracts.

Sorry no, Recommend a Friend is for personal customers and the additional line reward is for Business customers.

Terms & Conditions

Joining offer:

Business Customers (“Customers”) can claim a bill credit of up to £100 when they sign up to or upgrade any business Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Contract (“Pay Monthly Contract”) after 16 August 2021; Customers shall receive £100 if the contract is for device and airtime (1 month or more) and £20 (each, a “Bill Credit”) when the contract is for sim only (12 months or more). The Bill Credit cannot be used on their first bill. Eligibility: Customers must be purchasing a Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly 12 month or above tariff (except when taking Anytime Upgrade Flex); and pay their first bill; Maximum of 5 Bill Credits per account; 1 Bill Credit per Pay Monthly Contract. Any out of bundle usage will not be included in the Bill Credit. Participation: Automatically applied; Full terms at

Additional line offer:

Business Customers (“Customers”) may receive up to £40 for each additional line added to their business account; the additional line must have a Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) of £20 or more to attract a credit of £40, or an MRC of less than £20 to attract a credit of £20 (each, a “Bill Credit”). The Bill Credit cannot be used on their first bill. Eligibility: Additional lines must not be existing Tesco Mobile customer lines and customers must pay their first bill on the additional line. Maximum of 4 Bill Credits per account. Participation: The Bill Credit will be automatically applied. Full terms at