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Multi line perks frequently asked questions

Is the £40 or £20 reward automatically applied to my bill?

Yes, it will be automatically applied to your second bill. However the first bill on the additional line or lines must have been paid in full, before this can be applied.
Additionally the additional line/lines needs to have moved from a network other than Tesco Mobile (including porting from PAYG)

Can I have Recommend a Friend in addition to this?


Can I get the reward if I move an existing Tesco Mobile consumer line, as an additional line to my business account?

Unfortunately this offer is only available to new customers joining Tesco Mobile

Is the offer available on sim only?

Yes, this offer is available on any sim 12 month only or handset contract 12 months or more.

Multi line perks T&Cs

The Promotion: Business Customers (“Customers”) may receive up to £40 for each additional line added to their account; the additional line must have a Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) of £20 or more to attract a credit of £40, or an MRC of less than £20 to attract a credit of £20 (each, a “Bill Credit”). The Bill Credit cannot be used on their first bill. Eligibility: Additional lines must not be existing Tesco Mobile customer lines; Customers must not be new Customers who joined Tesco Mobile with 2 or more lines, or existing Customers who added additional lines, before 24 February 2020; and pay their first bill; Maximum of 4 Bill Credits per account. Participation: The Bill Credit will be automatically applied. Full terms at tescomobile.com/about-us/terms-and-conditions/promotions

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