Please read these Tariff Terms and Conditions carefully as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law and set out the terms under which Tesco Mobile makes the tariff available to you.

The Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Service Terms and Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Privacy Policy also apply. If you've taken out an Anytime Upgrade tariff, a separate credit agreement Anytime Upgrade Terms; will also apply.

1. Pay monthly Service

1.1 The Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Service includes a number of minutes, texts and/or data which can be used without extra charge ('Inclusive Allowance'). The Inclusive Allowance available to you will depend on the tariff you choose.

1.2. Calls to voicemail are deducted from your Inclusive Allowance. Calls to selected telephone helplines are free of charge and as such are not deducted from your Inclusive Allowance.

1.3 Charges for all calls, texts and data usage outside of your Inclusive Allowance will be charged at the current rates set out in the price list on

2. Your Inclusive Allowance and call charges

2.1 Your Inclusive Allowance can be used to make calls in the UK to:
a) Standard UK landlines (numbers starting 01, 02 or 03 only).
b) 07 numbers allocated to UK mobile network operators that provide mobile services with substantial national coverage (this currently includes the six major operators O2, EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Three, and providers such as Virgin Mobile, Tesco Mobile and BT Fusion).

2.2 Your Inclusive Allowance can't be used to make calls made in the UK to:
a) Non-geographic numbers and freephone numbers starting 08 and 05.
b) Non-standard or "special" 07 numbers (all those 07 numbers that are not specifically included in your Inclusive Allowance, i.e. are not used to provide mobile services, including 07 numbers allocated to network operators in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man), 076 numbers and 070 numbers.
c) Any number ranges which Tesco Mobile reasonably believes are being used for call forwarding services, onward calling services or numbers that pay a revenue share. Examples of these number ranges include 07744, 07755, 078225, 079879, 078730, 078931, 079118, 079112, 078930, 078921, 077000, 079245, 079246, but are subject to change.
d) Premium rate and directory enquiries numbers, where special charges apply.

2.3 You can see a list of the numbers which are not included in your Inclusive Allowance and the current associated charges. Please note that this list is updated regularly as new number ranges are allocated or as we become aware that the use of existing ranges has changed.

2.4 If you use up all your Inclusive Allowance, any calls made in the UK to numbers which would previously have been included, will be charged at the current rate.

2.5 Any calls made from abroad (including Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) or to an international destination from within the UK will be charged at the current standard roaming or international call rates.

2.6 For calls made in the UK, lasting up to and including 60 seconds, you will be charged for one minute, after which you will be charged per second. For calls made and received while abroad, charges will be rounded up to the nearest minute.

3. Your Inclusive Allowance and text charges

3.1 Your Inclusive Allowance can be used for texts sent in the UK to UK mobiles only.

3.2 Your Inclusive Allowance cannot be used for:
a) Premium rate texts, where special charges apply.
b) Texts sent from the UK to international numbers.
c) Texts sent from outside the UK to any number.
d) Any chargeable texts you receive.

3.3 If you use up all your Inclusive Allowance, any texts sent in the UK to numbers which would previously have been included will be charged at the current rate.

3.4 Any texts sent from abroad (including Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man) or to an international destination from within the UK will be charged at the current standard roaming or international call rates.

3.5 A text message is defined as a message containing up to and including 160 characters and/or spaces. Where a message exceeds this, it will be charged as additional messages for each 160 characters, including spaces.

4. Your Inclusive Allowance and data charges

4.1 Your Inclusive Allowance can be used on GPRS and 3G networks (as applicable to your handset), for personal internet use using your mobile phone whilst you are in the UK.

4.2. If you select a 4G enabled data bundle, you’ll have access to Tesco Mobile 4G Services, pursuant to  the 4G Service Terms.

4.4 All usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not use your SIM cardin such a way that adversely impacts the service to other Tesco Mobile or Telefonica O2 UK customers.

4.5 Once you have used all your Inclusive Credit, any data use which would previously have been included will be charged at the current rate.

4.6 If we reasonably suspect you are not acting in accordance with this paragraph, we reserve the right to impose further charges, impose network protection controls (which may reduce your speed of transmission) or disconnect your tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first.

4.7 Your mobile phone must be data compatible and enabled to access data services. Access to data services is subject to network coverage.

5. Capped tariffs with inclusive calls, texts or data

5.1 If you've chosen a tariff that allows you to cap your chargeable usage, you can choose a safety buffer which will cap your usage, over and above your Inclusive Allowance

If you chose not to add a safety buffer to cap your tariff, we will automatically impose a default limit on your account if your chargeable usage is equal to the values shown in this table. We call this your account limit.

Tariff value Maximum default cap
£15.00 and below £50.00
Above £15.00 and up to £25.00 £100.00
Above £25.00 £150.00

Increasing the default account limit is at Tesco Mobile’s discretion

5.2 Your safety buffer, whether imposed by you or us, will apply both in the UK and abroad. If you’ve used your safety buffer and have also used all of your monthly Inclusive Allowance minutes, texts or data, you will only be able to receive calls (in the UK, but not abroad) and texts (anywhere in the world), until you either increase your safety buffer via your online account, in your Tesco Mobile app, or make a top-up or payment to adjust your spend.

5.3 Where you choose a Capped tariff, there are some specific circumstances where you may receive a bill which is above your normal cap. These are usually one-off anomalies due to the timing of specific usage, changes to your account or tariff changes around the time of our billing cycle. These are normal, and should be corrected in your next bill. Examples of these circumstances include: purchasing an additional bundle or bundles mid-month; phone unlocking, or making additional calls, texts or data usage beyond your allowances during the billing process. Alternatively, your account may have other subscriptions on it that are not Capped.

5.4 If you use up your safety buffer, we will notify you by sending you a text. You won't be able to make any more chargeable calls or receive chargeable calls (for example while abroad), send chargeable texts or use data outside your monthly Inclusive Allowance or while abroad. But you will still be able to call customer care, or use any remaining minutes, text or data on your Pay Monthly Inclusive Allowance.

5.5 The bill payer can log in to their online account to check whether they can:

a) Increase their safety buffer or not. If there is a higher available safety buffer , they can choose to change to this immediately or for the following month as either a one-off or as an on-going change. If you're already on your maximum safety buffer and want to keep your safety buffer, your only option is to make a payment to reduce the bill amount. This will bring the balance back down, so you can continue to use chargeable services b) decrease their safety buffer. If there is a lower available safety buffer, they can choose to change to this. Any changes will take effect from the next bill date c) remove their safety buffer

5.6 Your safety buffer will apply abroad. We'll let you know when you reach 80% and then 100% of it. If you pick a  safety buffer that lets you incur charges outside your Inclusive Allowance of more than £40, you will have accepted at time of setting your  safety buffer that you can be charged more than £40 on roaming data charges while you're abroad. If you choose to decrease your exposure to roaming data charges in accordance with the EU regulations, you can reduce or modify your safety buffer to £40 or less via your Pay Monthly account online. This is in line with EU regulations on data charges abroad.

5.7 If you're an existing customer, who signed up to a 'Capped' tariff, on or before the 7th of August 2013 ('Previous Capped'), or chose to upgrade to, or remain on a Previous Capped tariff on or after 8th of August 2013, the Previous Capped terms will apply instead of section 5

6. Family Perks

6.1 You will be eligible to receive a bonus Family Perk where you attach two of more eligible Pay Monthly contracts to a single Tesco Mobile billing account ('Family Perks').

6.2 Family Perks are available on any current Pay Monthly tariffs, excluding the Pay monthly flexible credit tariffs, Family tariffs bought between 1st August 2011 – 1st July 2012, staff tariffs or our Pay as you go tariffs. Eligible Pay Monthly tariffs are available to anyone purchasing more than one eligible Pay Monthly contract at the same time, or adding a eligible Pay Monthly tariff to any existing account.

6.3 For each eligible Family Pay Monthly tariff, you can choose an additional free monthly Family Perk of either:
a) Bundled minutes, or
b) Data bundles, or
c) Other great offers promoted from time to time.

If you do not specify a particular Family Perk, the default Family Perk of Bundled Text will apply.

6.4 If you buy one eligible Pay Monthly tariff and one non-eligible Pay Monthly tariff, the free Family Perk reward will only be awarded to the eligible Pay Monthly tariff.

6.5 The Family Perks are applied and used on the same terms and conditions as the relevant Inclusive Allowance bundled minutes, text or data.

6.6 The eligible Pay Monthly contracts must all be registered to the same Tesco Mobile account and a maximum of five eligible Pay Monthly contracts can be added to any one Tesco Mobile account.

6.7 The Family Perk rewards will be awarded on a monthly basis as long as you continue to pay the bill and you have more than one contract on your account.

6.8 If you cancel any of your eligible Pay Monthly contracts on your account, or change to separate accounts so that you only have one eligible Pay Monthly contract remaining on the account, we will automatically remove the Family Perk rewards from the point of your next bill.

6.9 If at a later date, you add a new eligible Pay Monthly contract to your account, new Family Perk rewards will take effect from your next billing cycle.

6.10 For the bill payer's protection, Customer Care is only able to discuss Family contracts with the account holder.

6.11 The Family Perk data bundle will not include 4G data unless a 4G data bundle is purchased separately.

7. Unlimited Inclusive Allowance

7.1 If you have previously purchased a Pay Monthly tariff with an unlimited Inclusive Allowance we may impose conditions on which this unlimited Inclusive Allowance is provided to you ('Fair Usage Policy'). Any such Fair Usage Policy will be clearly set out below, on our website or in any marketing materials and will only be imposed to prevent atypical, illegal use and/or abuse. 4G service is not available on unlimited tariffs.

7.2 Any Fair Use Policy include, but is not limited to, use by you (or any third party permitted by you):
a) For auto delivery, continuing or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing solicitation, polling, fax or voicemail broadcasting.
b) Of the Tesco Mobile network for business or commercial purposes.
c) Which we reasonably believe impacts the service of other customers or may adversely affect the network.
d) Which we reasonably believe is illegal.

7.3 We reserve the right to monitor your usage and, if we reasonably determine that your use is abusive or in breach of our Fair Usage Policy, we may do any or all of the following:
a) Request you to moderate your use.
b) Impose further charges in respect of your atypical or abusive use.
c) Transfer you to a tariff that does not include an unlimited Inclusive Allowance.
d) Terminate your contract.

7.4. Where abuse or breach is suspected, we will endeavour to contact you before taking action in accordance with paragraph 7.3. In the case of severe abuse, as reasonably determined by us, we reserve the right to suspend your use of the Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly service or end your service agreement, having attempted to contact you first.

8. Picture messaging

8.1 To send picture messages or make video calls a compatible handset is required.

8.2 If you acquire a picture messaging handset from a non-Tesco Mobile source, you must inform us so we can upload to your phone the necessary settings in order for picture messaging to be set up on the Tesco Mobile network. Picture messaging should work in foreign networks where Tesco Mobile has a GPRS roaming agreement, subject to coverage and applicable roaming charges.

9. Tariffs requiring top-up or payment

9.1 Where we offer a tariff that requires you to pay into your account ('top-up' or 'payment') in addition to your Pay Monthly subscription, the Terms and Conditions in this Section 9 will also apply.

9.2 You may need to top-up in order to make calls, send texts and access data that are:
a) Not included in your Inclusive Allowance as set out in paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 above.
b) Made after you have used all of your Inclusive Allowance.

9.3 Each time you use your mobile phone for chargeable use, your Inclusive Allowance calling, text and data allowances will be first reduced by the amount of the chargeable use:
a) Once you have used up one of more of your Inclusive Allowances, charges for any additional usage of the used up chargeable use type will be incurred against your applicable limit per tariff, such as your Bill Cap, Top-up or maximum limit ('additional chargeable usage limit').
b) If you use up all of your additional chargeable usage limit, you'll still be able to use any call, text or data Inclusive Allowance that's available.
c) Once you reach your additional chargeable usage limit, to continue using the chargeable use type that you have used up, you'll have to make a top-up or payment. It's up to you to decide how much top-up or pay onto your account. You'll still be able to receive incoming calls (excluding incoming calls while abroad), even if you haven't made a top-up or payment, but you won't be able to incur any further chargeable usage.

9.4 If you're on a Pay Monthly Flexible Credit tariff, each time you use your mobile phone for chargeable use, the top-up associated with your account will be reduced by the amount of the chargeable use. It's up to you to decide how much top-up to make onto your account. If your account has no top-up credit, you'll still be able to receive incoming calls (excluding incoming calls while abroad), and use any Inclusive Credit that's available, but you'll not be able to make any Chargeable Use.

9.6 A top-up or payment does not qualify for Free Credit or other inclusive minutes which may be available on our Pay As You Go Tariff(s).

9.7 You can top-up or pay either by voucher, electronic top-up, credit or debit card, or other means approved by us.

10. General

10.1 Unused Inclusive Allowances can't be carried forward one month to the next on any tariff, except from your first billing period. Please see the Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Service Terms and Conditions for details. Existing customers transferring tariffs will lose any accrued rollover allowance.

10.2 Where you chose a Pay Monthly tariff that does not have a Bill Cap, or is an Previous Capped tariff (where you are required to make a top-up in addition to your Pay Monthly tariff), we will impose a maximum limit on your account. See paragraph 9.2 for details on tariffs requiring top-up or payment.

10.3 You'll be billed and required to pay your bill in accordance with the Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly Service Terms and Conditions. You can view a fully itemised list of your usage through your online account. Please note there is a four hour time lag on data becoming available for review. For Previous Capped Pay Monthly tariffs, excess usage will not be included on your bill as a charge that requires payment as it will have already come out of your top-up balance. Any top-up not used before your next Billing Date will be shown on your bill and the balance rolled over for use the following month.

10.4 If your mobile phone is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, or used in an unauthorised manner, you must report this to us as soon as possible. You'll be responsible for any use of your Inclusive Allowance, top-up or payment until you report this to us.

10.5 Our tablet SIMs require SMS capability for network notifications. We recommend that you check SMS capability with your tablet provider.

10.6 You may have up to five SIM cards registered to each Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly account.
The Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly service is operated by Tesco Mobile Limited, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 1GA. Company Registration No. 04780736, VAT No. 815-3845-24.

Last Updated 23 November 2015