Parental controls & handset settings

All our mobiles are set by default to access under 18 content only.

Changing your content settings
If you’re the account holder you can turn on parental controls to restrict your phone’s access to under 12 content only or you can allow access to over 18 content. To do this, please call 282 free from your Tesco Mobile phone.

To access 18+ content, you’ll need to confirm your age with your credit card when you call 282. We’ll charge £1 to your credit card, then you’ll get this back as £1 credit on your next bill or as phone credit. If you don’t have a credit card, you can complete this online age verification form.

When you change your content settings, you can choose:
· Content suitable for under 12s
· Content suitable for under 18s
· Content rated as 18+

If you have more than one phone on your account, you need to choose the settings for each individual phone.
Find out more about parental controls.

We don’t control Wi-Fi or iTunes or Google Play
Please be aware that our parental controls settings work only when you’re going online via our mobile network. We can’t control any online content when your phone’s connected via Wi-Fi or via content sites like iTunes.

Blocking unwanted messages via Bluetooth

Parental controls doesn’t affect Bluetooth. This is because Bluetooth lets mobile phones find and communicate with each other without using the mobile network. If your child's phone has Bluetooth activated on their phone, they may get unexpected or unwanted messages from other users. However you can switch off Bluetooth so your child’s phone isn't visible to other Bluetooth users.

If you need help switching off Bluetooth, our phone guides or your phone manufacturer's manual will tell you how.

Controlling content on BlackBerry
At the moment, our content settings don’t apply to BlackBerry. However, BlackBerry does block the Internet Watch Foundation list of ‘potentially criminal content’, which also includes some 18+ content.

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