At Tesco Mobile we’re helping to reconnect people who need it now more than ever.

Digital connection has the power to transform someone’s life. One text message can be the lifeline that sees a person experiencing homelessness find stable accommodation, an isolated community member reconnect with society and a refugee start a new life.

That’s why we’ve been working with over 4,000 charity partners and community groups across the UK, from national charities to local community organisations, to help reconnect the people who need it most.

Since 2020, we’ve donated over 36,500 devices and SIM cards and 2.7 million GB of data and we’re not stopping. We’re committed to reconnecting 50,000 more people by the end of 2025. 



We know digital connection has the power to transform someone’s life - that’s why we’ve commitment to reconnect 50,000 more people by the end of 2025, continuing the essential support we’ve provided to vulnerable communities since 2020. 

Take a look at this video to see how connection can change everything.

How we're reconnecting people

Crisis partnership

We’re really proud to have worked with Crisis to provide vital support for people experiencing homelessness across Great Britain, focusing on digital connection.

Little Helps

At the start of the pandemic, we set up the Little Helps scheme to get devices and data to people who really need them.

Frequently asked questions

We care for human connection and believe everyone has the right to be connected. That’s why, since 2020 we’ve been donating phones, SIMs and data to help vulnerable and disadvantaged people reconnect with society.

Since 2020, we’ve supported over 4,000 community and charity organisations, helping to reconnect over 36,000 individuals. In 2022 we announced a commitment to reconnecting 50,000 more people by the end of 2025.

The ground-breaking partnership between Crisis and Tesco Mobile was hugely successful, providing over £941,000 worth of devices, data and connectivity to those experiencing homelessness as well as significantly increasing awareness of the link between digital connectivity and homelessness.  Over three quarters of Crisis members receiving a device have gone on to achieve at least one positive outcome, demonstrating the real, human impact of the initiative.

In August 2020, we entered a two-year partnership with Crisis, the national charity for people experiencing homelessness in Great Britain, amidst the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Digital connection is proving to be a lifeline for vulnerable people, who need it now more than ever. A device and a SIM card can connect them to family, friends and essential services. Data and connectivity can bring people closer to job opportunities, financial support and community groups – plus so much more.