5G is here.
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Now available in 164 towns and cities

On 5G, you’ll have superfast connections on O2’s network. And we’ve made it affordable at Tesco Mobile.

To get 5G on Tesco Mobile, you need a 5G-ready phone and one of our 5G tariffs. And of course, you need to be in a 5G area.

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What can 5G do for me?

Our 5G network provides a more reliable mobile experience, giving you quicker downloads, uploads, and super clear connections. The kids won’t be waiting for their film to be ready. You won’t be twiddling your thumbs while your emails send. And no more frozen images of the grandparents when you’re video calling. Everything’s faster and everyone’s happier on 5G.

What exactly is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networking. It can handle loads more data than 4G and is significantly faster than it, too. For you, it promises much faster speeds and less lag wherever you are, giving you instant connectivity even in the busiest of places.

No other network gives you all this

O2’s 4G and 5G network

We share O2’s network, which has 99% UK population coverage on 4G. Take it to the next level on O2’s 5G network, giving you an even faster, even more reliable service.

Save even more with Clubcard

You can use your Clubcard points to get money off the latest 5G phone – they’re worth double. On top of that if you subscribe to Clubcard Plus, you’ll get double data every month too. You also collect 1 point for every £1 on your mobile bill. Every little helps.

The proof is in the pudding

The 2021 Which? Utilities Brand of the Year… A Which? Recommended Provider for 12 years running… The 2022 Uswitch Best Network for Customer Service and Best Value Pay Monthly Network… Hear why the experts say we’re the top bananas.

Your 5G family

To really get the most out of 5G, get all your family onto Tesco Mobile too. When you’re all on the same account, you each get extra Clubcard points, free extra data, extra minutes or money off your bill. Whatever makes each of you happy!

5G Frequently asked questions

As 5G is faster than 4G, files will take less time to download but the size of the file will remain the same. 5G won’t use more mobile data to download that same file. But, if you’re thinking that you might download more, because it’s quicker to do so, you can use our data calculator to see if you will need to get a bigger data allowance with your 5G contract.

At the moment, the 5G network is slowly rolling out worldwide, with some countries adopting it faster than others – like the UK. Check back with us often to see if 5G is coming to you, or if where you’re planning on travelling is 5G-ready.

A key difference between 4G and 5G is how fast you can download or stream files over your mobile data connection. For a full run-down of the difference between the technologies, check our 4G vs. 5G article.

There’s no evidence to suggest that 5G is harmful. Last year, the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) published a draft review of their mobile frequency guidelines and said that none of the frequencies used by mobile communications, including 5G, required amendments to their guidelines.

Both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro are 5G-ready, so if you’re a fan of Apple iPhones you can now enjoy superfast 5G on Apple’s latest and greatest offering.

Unfortunately, no. A phone needs a 5G chipset and modem to connect to a 5G network. Newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G, the iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13 are 5G-ready because they have the right chipset and modem to connect.