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What we offer

4G at no extra cost

All our customers get speedy 4G at no extra cost. All you need is a 4G phone and 4G coverage, and you’ll be whizzing all over the internet.

  • Maps load & apps run smoothly
  • Websites display faster
  • Photos & videos are quicker to download and upload

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Pay monthly

No more scary bills – you’re in control

Our Capped contracts give you complete control over your monthly spend, so you can say goodbye to scary bills.

  • Choose your own tariff
  • Add a safety buffer
  • Never pay more than you expect each month

Choose your Capped contract

Free perks & one bill for all the family

Family Perks are the free monthly extras you get when you have more than one contract on your account.

•      Each of you can choose your own Family Perk

•      You get it free, every month & you can change it any time

•      Choose extra data, extra minutes, extra Clubcard points or money off

•      Manage it all in one account, with one bill

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Anytime Upgrade Flex

Anytime Upgrade Flex is our flexible pay monthly contract – spread the cost of the latest Apple and Samsung pay monthly phones with our lowest pay monthly prices.  .

  • Your monthly payments are based on your contract lenght (12, 18, 24, 30, 36 months)
  • If you want to change you can change your tariff down or up each month.

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Tesco Mobile Protect

With Tesco Mobile Protect, you get worldwide insurance if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged. If you’re in the UK, we’ll get a replacement out to you the next day, so you won’t be out of the loop for long.

  • Can’t be without your phone? You get next day replacement
  • If you need help when you’re away…. you’re covered worldwide
  • Dropped your phone or spilled something on it? No problem
  • Lost your phone or had it stolen? We’ll replace it
  • Phone broken down out of warranty? Consider it fixed

You can buy Tesco Mobile Protect at the same time as buying your phone.

Pay as you go

Rocket Packs – perfect for data lovers

Love using data on your smartphone? Don’t fancy a contract? Rocket Packs are made for you.
Loads of data, minutes & texts in one pack, in one go, from one top-up. Get everything you need, when you need it.

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You top-up, we’ll triple it

Our pay as you go Triple Credit tariff gives you free credit when you top-up.

  • Top-up £10 and you get £20 free credit
  • Top-up £15 and you get £30 free credit
  • Top-up £20 and you get a whopping £40 of free credit

And if you top-up at least £15 a month, you also get to choose a free bundle for the next month.

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