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Unlimited data plans from Tesco Mobile

Never run out of data again with our unlimited data deals on our best value tariffs

Truly unlimited data

Stream, chat, browse, post as much as you like on your mobile. No more worries about going over and paying for extra data.

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No speed limits, no data limits

We promise not to slow you down just because you love data. And there are no hidden costs. Just data for everything you need.

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99% UK network coverage

Stay connected wherever you are, for as long as you want. We share O2’s network so you’ll have 4G all over the UK and 5G as it’s rolled out across the country.

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Don’t worry about WiFi

Use your unlimited data whenever and wherever you need to be connected. No need to use anyone else’s WiFi.


Are Tesco Mobile Unlimited Data tariffs really unlimited?

Yes. Our Unlimited Data plans have no speed limits and no data caps, so you can use data without thinking about it, as long as it’s for your personal use on your mobile. We want to make sure the network is fair for everyone, so we do reserve the right to monitor your usage and take action if you’re not following our Fair Usage Policy.

What is the fair usage policy for unlimited data?

As long as you use your unlimited data for your personal use and on your own mobile, you’ve nothing to worry about. To find out more, you can read our Fair Usage Policy

Can I get Unlimited Data on 5G?

Yes, you can get unlimited data tariffs on our 5G phones and 5G SIM only contracts.

Can I use my unlimited data plan in other devices or for home broadband?

You can use your Tesco Mobile unlimited data for personal use in mobile devices. You can’t use it in a home router for home broadband.

Can I tether / make a hotspot?

Yes. As long as it’s for your own personal use. To find out more, you can read our Fair Usage Policy