Young Brits take the ‘Tube’ to fame and fortune


  • YouTube fame tops dream job for young people
  • Internet sensation Jim Chapman launches search for next big online star

Your mum may not have heard of Jim Chapman or Zoella, but they are now more popular role models for young people than reality TV stars, Hollywood actors or footballers, according to research from Tesco Mobile.

When asked, almost 40% of 16-25 year olds said they would prefer to follow in the footsteps of professional YouTube vloggers (video bloggers), than make a living from being a reality TV star (6%) or even from a career such as Law or Politics (34%).

Almost one in three young people are avid viewers and fans of YouTube vlogs, tuning in at least twice a week; with almost half of these admitting to watching their favourite YouTube stars over ten times a weekly.

Young people think that being snapped in a national newspaper is no longer enough to classify someone as ‘famous’.

The digitally-savvy “selfie generation” believe that the top indicator for fame now must include a huge social media presence such as having over two million YouTube subscribers (55%) or over half a million Twitter followers (37%).

It also seems that young people are turning their back on TOWIE style fame-seekers with the majority (78%) stating that they are more likely to look up to celebrities that have become famous by their own means compared to reality TV celebs (8%) and pap happy socialites (3%) .

40% of young Brits believe that sharing a video on YouTube is the easiest way to become famous, with only 21% claiming that talent shows such as Britain’s Got Talent will be a fast track to fame.

Jim Chapman, one of the biggest online stars of today with over 2 million followers, and Tesco Mobile are launching a new initiative that will help one aspiring vlogger on the road to stardom.

Jim Chapman will be judging video entries to the Enough Said Open Auditions, where aspiring vloggers have the chance to star in the next Tesco Mobile online ad campaign and receive £5,000 simply by uploading a 30 second video showing how they would entertain the world.

Details can be found online at www.facebook.com/tescomobile.

A spokesperson for Tesco Mobile comments, “In years gone by, the biggest stars were headhunted, groomed and trained by the Hollywood studios; now anyone with a webcam can become an icon.

“From fashion to comedy skits, these self-made stars document their frolics and hobbies to an adoring fan-base.

“Vloggers are the big stars of today because they are normal people interacting with their fans about everyday life.  We can’t wait to work with Jim and find the next big online star who can fill our ads with a little bit of fun.”

For further details on Tesco Mobile’s #EnoughSaid campaign or the competition, please contact; Fanclub PR at tescomobile@fanclubpr.com, or call on 0207 096 1375.

Note to Editors;

N.B All use of stats should include the credit ‘Survey by Tesco Mobile’

The independent research carried out by Censuswide interviewed 1,002 British people aged 16-25 year olds.

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