Why Mobiles Keep Families Together


From keeping households connected to checking in with loved ones throughout the day, we firmly believe in the power of technology in bringing families together and enhancing their day-to-day conversations.

That’s why we offer a number of mobile choices designed to help keep your family in touch, so that you can communicate with your kids, parents, or partner, from any place and at any time.

Communication Is Key

Everybody knows that they key to a successful family life is communication. With everything, from busy work schedules to after-school activities, however, for many of us it’s easy for life to get in the way.

That’s where your mobile phone comes in. While many people believe that technology can put a strain on personal relationships, studies prove that it’s actually the opposite that’s true. It turns out that the more connected devices there are in a household, the more likely families are to communicate with one another throughout the day.

We already know that most of us use our mobile phones to maintain social ties with our parents, siblings, and children. When every member of the household has access to mobile messaging services, they are much more likely to check in with one another and start conversations in the day.

It’s even easier when the whole family has access to a mobile data plan. No matter where you are in the world, your children or your loved ones are a simple message away.

Sharing Your Special Moments


Family life is all about the special moments you share with one another. But whether you’re traveling for work, or the kids are off on a school trip, it’s not always possible to make those memories together.

That’s where mobile phones step in to help again. Thanks to the technology we have in our pockets, we can share our remote experiences with the people we love at any time, and from any place.

If every member of your household has access to a mobile phone, they can share their special moments and events in messages, pictures, and videos, at the simple click of a button. Never miss your child’s sports day or your wedding anniversary date night again.

Keeping Your Children Safe

One of the most important duties of being a parent is ensuring that your children are safe and secure at all times. By giving your kids access to a mobile device, you can stay in touch with them at all times and make sure you always know their whereabouts.

Our family packages also provide you with the ability to protect your children online. Our parental controls allow you to control the content that your kids have access to on the internet, for their security and your own peace of mind.

Keeping Families Together

From enhanced communication to sharing special moments, adding your household to a mobile plan could be what you need to keep your family together. Take a look at our range of helpful mobile choices for you and your family, from anytime upgrades to flexible tariffs.

If you’re worried that adding your family to your mobile plan will lead to unexpected bills, read about our family Capped Contracts for the ability to set spending caps on individual members.

You can also adjust your data, minutes, and text message tariffs with Anytime Upgrade Flex, changing your family’s usage up or down on a monthly basis so you are always paying for exactly what you need.

Adding family members to your account will also win you monthly rewards with our Family Perks programme. If you’ve got more than one contract on your account, every month you can each choose one of our great Family Perks for extra data, minutes, Tesco Clubcard points, or money off your phone bill.

Good for your wallet, and good for your family – every little helps.