What is Qualcomm Quick Charge 4?

If you’re purchasing a new Android smartphone in 2017, there’s a good chance it will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor – the Snapdragon 835. This new chip supports Quick Charge 4, which promises to charge your device faster than any other tech on the market. But, just how fast is Quick Charge 4? Read on to learn more about this revolutionary charging technology.

How does Quick Charge work?

Quick Charge uses a bespoke power-management algorithm called Intelligent Negotiation Optimum Voltage (INOV), which automatically determines the optimal power transfer level based on temperatures and current battery state. This real-time thermal management works to protect the battery and device from damage and overheating.

How fast is it?

Quick Charge 4 allows you to charge devices up to 4 times faster than with conventional charging. It makes two major claims: to provide 5 hours of battery life from 5 minutes of charging, and to increase battery power from 0% to 50% in 15 minutes.

Quick Charge 4-minWhat are the benefits of Quick Charge 4?

Along with a 20% increase in charging speeds from its previous versions, Quick Charge 4 comes with advanced safety features, including three levels of voltage protection and four levels of temperature protection. This technology prevents over-charging, and ensures your phone’s battery, cables, and connectors are all protected. It also supports USB-C and USB-PD, making it accessible for use with a wide variety of cables and adapters.

When will Quick Charge 4 be released?

Quick Charge 4 will be available on all phones that run Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, including many of the new flagship models set to launch throughout the year. Samsung is rumoured to have exclusive rights to the new processor, and the Galaxy S8 is expected to be the first device released with Snapdragon 835 in April.

The future of phone charging

As companies like Qualcomm continue to develop technology to reduce charging times, super-fast charging is expected to become the norm. From batteries that fully charge your phone in 30 seconds to charge-less phones, the future of mobile charging promises to be an exciting one.