What is MSQRD?

If you’re a fan of dressing up for Halloween, themed parties or just about any other chance you get, MSQRD is the app for you.

Giving you all the fun of fancy dress without having to change your clothes or make-up even once, this family-friendly app tracks your face using your device’s camera and lets you become a new character every time you open it.

What can MSQRD do?

MSQRD allows you to transform your appearance with stunning mask and effect filters. The options are endless, allowing you to paste a carnival mask on yourself, turn yourself into a gory zombie, swap faces with your pals, add cartoon eyes for a more animated selfie and even change your face to that of a jungle animal while in a video chat! That’s right, go ape with the right filter and give your family and friends a truly unique ‘Hello!’’

As well as offering you some fun times over video chats, MSQRD allows you to save and share photos and clips, too. If you’re not already obsessed with Facebook, this app will take you over the edge by allowing you to broadcast yourself live to friends and family while you’re digitally decked out in your favourite get-up.

How can I make MSQRD a part of my life?

Getting to grips with MSQRD couldn’t be simpler. Download either the iOS or Android version, open it and choose whether you’d like to take a photo or create a video. You can select whether to use the back or front camera on your device and tinker with the quality of the image.

Then comes the exciting part! Browse through a huge collection of available masks, previewing the ones you like and snap away. You can even create your own masks using the Masquerade Editor if you want to show off a wonderfully one-off creation. With new filters appearing regularly, it’s not surprising that millions of users are addicted to this funny and whimsical app. Get the whole family involved with MSQRD today!