What is a family phone plan?

Nowadays it’s not only common, it’s expected for everyone in the family to have at least one smartphone or tablet, and many of those are on contract. When you add them all together, that can total a lot of minutes, texts and data. Family phone plans are designed to help you manage your household’s technology, from setting data limits to controlling costs.

Family phone plans also come loaded with rewards to thank you for your loyalty. That’s exactly why we offer Family Perks at Tesco Mobile. We want to give you a little something back for having multiple accounts with us.

Why should you have a family phone plan?

A family phone plan is a great way to save on costs when each member of your family has a device of some sort. Not only can a shared plan help you save on costs, it can help you monitor your child’s phone usage and ensure they don’t go over their allowance. Our Capped Contracts make this even easier by putting a limit on your monthly bill with a safety buffer, so you never face any unexpected charges.

How do you set a plan up?

If you’re an existing Tesco Mobile customer, simply add another eligible pay monthly or SIM only contract to your account and reap the rewards of Family Perks. If you’re new to us, then welcome! Simply purchase two or more eligible pay monthly contracts at the same time to get your shared plan rolling.

We have a great selection of pay monthly phones to choose from for your family phone plan. Whether you’re looking for top of the range technology or a trusty phone for your teenager, take your pick from the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG and more.

What are Family Perks?

Family Perks are Tesco Mobile’s way of giving back to you. These are monthly benefits that are added on, for free, to your separate contracts as our way of saying thanks. They can range from extra data, extra minutes, up to £2 off your bill every month, or even extra Clubcard points. You can choose as many perks as you have contracts, one per contract, so everyone gets something.

Also, the more you pay for your contract, the better benefits you get. So, if you’re paying up to £9.99 per month, you’ll get – for example – 250MB of extra data, but if you’re paying over £25, then you’ll get 1GB.

How do you get Family Perks?

Once you’ve got multiple contracts on the same account, all you need to do is sign into My Account or our app and then choose your perks, it’s that simple. After that, you can enjoy your perks every month. If you want to change them, you can go into your account at any time and change the perk, which will then activate at the start of the next billing month.

If you want to know more, visit our Family Perks page today.