What are Capped contracts?


Stay in control of your monthly bills with our capped contracts at Tesco Mobile. Perfect for families looking to keep an eye on costs, you can ensure your bills are never higher than you expect. Capped contracts allow you to have complete control over how much you spend each month without worrying about any nasty surprises.

How do capped contracts work?

So, how do you keep on top of your phone bills every month? All you need to do is choose your monthly tariff from our great range of pay monthly deals, then select a monthly safety buffer to cover any extras you may use. Your safety buffer can be anything from £2.50 to £40 and covers things like going over your monthly minutes, texts or data, as well as calling abroad and contacting premium numbers.

You can then rest assured you will never be charged more than your tariff and safety buffer combined. What’s more, you can always move your buffer up or down depending on how much you’d like to spend that month – or let your children spend! Simply log into the Tesco Mobile app, sign into your online account or call 4488 from your handset to change your safety buffer.

What happens if I use up my safety buffer?

Don’t worry, we’ll send you a text when you’ve nearly used up all your safety buffer and again when it’s all gone! You can still use any minutes, texts or data you’ve got left in your monthly allowance, as well as receive calls and texts. If you’d like to keep using your phone, then you can make a one-off payment towards your monthly bill or increase your safety buffer for next time.

How do I cap my contract?


If capped contracts sound perfect for you and your family, then click ‘Yes, cap my bill please’ after you select your handset and tariff when purchasing online. Simply choose your safety buffer amount and count down the days until your new phone arrives!

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