Using data on your holiday abroad

You don’t normally have to do anything to make sure you can use data abroad, just be aware that if you’re travelling outside of our Home from Home countries then you will have to pay a little extra for using it.

You never have to pay extra for using wi-fi, no matter where in the world you are, so if you’re doing data-intensive tasks, such as streaming, then it’s a good idea to connect to a wi-fi network first.

What is data roaming?

When you use your phone (or SIM-enabled device) outside of your network coverage then you are roaming. This typically only happens when you are outside of the country that your network operates in and as you are connected to another company’s mobile network then sometimes you have to pay additional charges for service.


Data roaming in Europe

At Tesco Mobile we don’t apply any additional charges for roaming in any of our Home from Home destinations. This means that you can roam Europe incredibly easily. Your data, minutes, and texts simply come out of your normal allowance – just as if you were at home!

Find out the list of destinations this applies to here.





How to turn your data off

If you’re certain that you don’t need internet or calls – even for emergencies – then you can turn off roaming in the settings of your smartphone. This will mean that you won’t pay any roaming charges, but will also severely limit the functionality of your phone.

If you do this, it will mean your phone won’t work even in our Home From Home destinations, so make sure to check if your destination is covered before you consider turning off roaming.


Capping your data roaming

If you have set up a safety buffer, then your bill will be capped at that amount, so you won’t face any nasty surprises. And, if you have an older tariff without a safety buffer, then we’ll set an automatic cap for your data usage.

You can easily remove your cap by logging in to your Tesco Mobile pay monthly account or calling 4488 free on your device.

How can I track my mobile spend?

It’s very easy to check your spend with Tesco Mobile – simply log into your online account or use the Tesco Mobile app available on both Android and iPhone and find out your exact charges to date.