Top reasons to get excited for the iPhone 8

With all the rumours and expectations flying around about the iPhone 8, we’re getting pretty excited for its release , Want to know why? Well, we’ve put together a list of all the things to look forward to from Apple’s latest device to tell you just that.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging hasn’t really taken off in the mainstream since its tentative introduction in 2013, so it’s fantastic to hear all the rumours of wireless charging for the new Apple flagship phone. We can expect to see the typical apple twist on the design and believe that the iPhone 8 will bring wireless charging to the limelight where it belongs.

Augmented reality

Now that Apple’s ARKit has landed, it’s become clear that augmented reality (AR) is destined to be a big part of the iOS roadmap going forward. With the leaked designs we’ve seen, it also seems clear that the iPhone 8 is going to be the start of this focus.

There have been very credible rumours around the phones new camera being switched to a vertical dual-camera system which would make it better optimised for AR. Vertical dual-camera mean that when the phone is held landscape, as is common, the cameras are positioned similarly to human eyes for more effective AR.

We’ve also heard rumours of a depth-detecting laser sensor that will be incorporated into the camera for fantastic AR precision and have confirmed rumours that they will be upgrading their screen for even better visuals.

Edge-to-edge OLED display

It is almost a certainty at this point that Apple is doing away with the home button in favour of an edge-to-edge OLED display. We’ve heard rumours that the new screen will be a 5.8-inch 3x Retina display with an amazing 521 pixels per inch.

The home button is set to be dropped for the home bar to make room for this and will supposedly feature information on open apps while disappearing for full-screen mode. There has also been a leaked video of a ‘swipe-up’ feature that opens an app manager, though that has not been backed up so far.


Happy woman using mobile phone on sofa

3D face detection

We’ve heard that Apple is doing away with Touch ID in favour of something that some commentators are calling quicker, more secure, and more accurate: 3D facial recognition. Thought to be based on infra-red technology and using a new 3D sensor, this is to be used to verify identity to unlock the phone as well as authenticate payments.

Supposedly this will work within a few hundred milliseconds and will function without having to be directly pointed at the face for ease of use.

512GB capacity

There are rumours coming from China that the new iPhone will have an option with 512GB of storage, double that of their current highest capacity model. This is a huge step up considering that they are still offering iPhone 7 phones with ‘only’ 32GB. Not only this but all models are set to pack an impressive 3GB of RAM.

Smart camera

One rumoured feature that can’t be overlooked is their upgraded camera. While we expect it to keep to 12MP there is said to be smart camera programming built in that has the ability to recognise what you are taking a picture of and adjust the settings automatically.

With a huge range of options found such as fireworks, documents, foliage, and skies, this should help users create stunning pictures. The phone is also rumoured to feature slow motion 4K video recording which hasn’t been seen yet in a mainstream phone.

Are you excited as us for the iPhone 8? Keep your eyes peeled on The Hub for all the latest rumours and updates on when you can get your hands on it!