Top picks: the best iPhone games for summer 2016

Summer is (thankfully) almost here, which means you’ll most likely be hitting the road, whether it be on holiday or to visit family. No matter if you’re travelling by car, bus, plane or boat, playing games on your iPhone is one of the easiest ways to pass the time – not to mention, addictive…

But, with so many out there, how do you know which one to choose? That’s where we come in! We’ve rounded up the five best iPhone games for summer 2016 to help you find one you’ll love and make those long journeys a little more fun.

Clash Royale

Price: Free
Clash Royale combines the excitement of real-time battles with a wonderfully simple concept – protect your towers from the enemy! Each player has three towers to guard and it’s up to you to deploy troops to take them down, represented by a stack of cards at the bottom of the iPhone screen. As well as troops, you have spells and buildings in your arsenal, all of which are powered by rechargeable elixir. Sounds magical, right? The best part about this iPhone game (apart from the fact you’re playing against real people) is the frantic sixty seconds at the end of each battle, which allows you and your opponent to attack rapidly.


Price: £3.99
Step into the intergalactic shoes of delivery driver, Flux Dabes, in this action-packed RPG meets craft game, which sees you stranded on an alien planet after your spaceship is sabotaged. From the wreckage, you have to find a way to deliver your packages while protecting yourself from the strange creatures in this bizarre world. The great thing about this game is it continually grows, constantly adding new storylines and threads to enjoy, which means it’s updated frequently by the developers. An immersive, addictive and light-hearted iPhone game, Crashlands combines building and battling in a truly creative world.

Love You To Bits

Price: £2.99
An iPhone game as cute as its name suggests, you take the role of Kosmo who is on a quest to rebuild his robot girlfriend, Nova, after her pieces are scattered across the universe! A point-and-click puzzle game, the aim is to complete each level and gather all the bits of Nova to put her back together again. Some puzzles are more difficult (and far-fetched) than others and will require some trial and error, but that’s what makes this game worthwhile. The variety of levels in Love You To Bits is refreshing and will keep you guessing, unsure of what’s coming next. If you’re a romantic, you won’t rest until you see Kosmo and Nova reunited!

Circa Infinity

Price: £2.29
If you’re looking for an iPhone game to come back to again and again, Circa Infinity is for you. The premise is simple – jump into the circle in the middle of the circle you’re in to get to another circle… Okay, maybe not that simple! But, it’s all about finding the right moment to jump or you’ll fail. You also have to avoid the red monsters that increase with every level, so there’s no resting in this game! It’s painfully addictive and the feeling you get when you pass a super hard level is worth the hours of frustration… The game has also got a retro feel to it that looks refreshingly different from anything else available on the App Store.

Lost in Harmony

Price: £2.99
Lost in Harmony is definitely one to play with your earphones in, as you need to do everything in time with the game’s amazing soundtrack. A twist on the classic runner game, you need to avoid all the obstacles that come at you while riding along on your skateboard. The world is immersive and beautifully designed, not to mention it actually has a heart wrenching story behind it that will make you want to complete it. A particularly nice feature of this iPhone game is the ability to make your own levels with music from iTunes or Soundcloud, which you can share with your friends.