Top 5 waterproof phones in the world

Waterproof Smartphones

We’ve all been there: whether it’s slipped into the washing up, fumbled into your tea or just dropped in a puddle, phones haven’t always been the best at surviving a soaking. However, Tesco Mobile offers a number of waterproof phones for customers out there who have learned their lesson, and we’ve rounded up five of the best for you below.

Motorola Moto G

A sleek, super fast phone, the Motorola Moto G gives you a lot of tech for your buck. It’s functional, resilient and reliable, with a simple, clean design – like its predecessors, you can still pop the back off and customise your phone to suit your mood. It has a 1281×720 HD display, a 5-megapixel rear camera and 8GB of internal storage. A phone for folks on the go, you’ll be glad when you realise it’s also water resistant and dustproof, perfect for when you need your phone to adapt, whatever your situation.

Samsung Galaxy S7

The latest in the Galaxy S clan, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is bursting at its ergonomically-designed seams with features that make it one of the best out there. You don’t have to worry about swaddling it in bubblewrap – it’s water resistant up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes, and it’s also totally dustproof. It also has fast battery charging (60 per cent in 30 minutes), wireless charging and S-voice natural language commands and dictation. Add to this, the impressive camera you’d expect from Samsung – 12 megapixels and designed to shoot perfectly, even in low light – and you’ve got a phone you’ll want to take everywhere.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you would prefer a larger, but equally as waterproof, phone then the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is for you. With a 5.5-inch Quad HD display and beautifully curved edges, it’s a stunning handset that boasts so many more features than just being water-resistant. The Galaxy S7 Edge has a huge, long-lasting 3,600 mAh battery, as well as a handy Micro-SD slot for extra storage space if 32GB isn’t enough for you. Add to that 4GB of RAM and a speedy Snapdragon 820 Quad-core processor and you’ve got one of the best smartphones in the market today.

iPhone 6s

There’s more to the iPhone 6s than just a series of features, but when you have such ground-breaking features, they’re difficult to ignore. The 12 megapixel iSight camera, the 4K video, 3D Touch, and its custom-designed 64-bit A9 chip are just the tip of the iceberg as far as specs are concerned. It’s the design that makes it, however, the enclosure is made of 7000 Series aluminium – the same grade used in aerospace engineering – meaning that, should there be a spill, the phone holds water much better than previous models. Pop a case on it for double protection, and the world (and pool) is your oyster.

Sony Xperia M4

The Sony Xperia M4 has three features that help it to stand out from others like it. It’s waterproof up to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes, which means you don’t have to put it away in the rain. Good thing too, because you’ll want to catch as much of the view as you can on the camera: the Superior Auto recognises an impressive 52 photo situations, then works out optimum settings for you. Finally, it’s the perfect summer festival phone as the battery lasts for two days, so it can stay out and about for as long as you can.