Top 5 reasons to get excited for the Samsung Galaxy S9


The launch of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 is fast approaching, so we have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons to get excited for the S9 ahead of the its Sunday February 25 release. From a revamped camera set-up to facial recognition to 3D emojis, it seems the Galaxy S9 is paving the way for the future of smartphones.

Super slow motion video


As part of Samsung’s trio of teaser videos that were unveiled on the Samsung Mobile Korea YouTube channel, the company has indicated that the S9 will be equipped with an extreme “Super Slo Mode”. This means that the S9 will be able to deliver a 1,000 frames per second slow motion, as well as a 4K resolution.

This slo-mo camera will reportedly have a two modes – the first, is the standard mode where the user taps the shutter icon to begin recording and again to stop, so as to control the timeframe. However, the second method is automated slow motion and involves the user tapping the record icon to start, so the phone will only start recording in slow motion when it detects movement in front of the lens. This is a very exciting feature for extreme sports enthusiasts!

Low light photography

In another video, Samsung teased a new low light photography capability in the camera. This could also be a nod to a new type of flash on the S9, so if there is truth to these rumours, you can rest assured that over-exposed low-lit photos will be a thing of the past. This will also mean that users will be able to capture sharp, clear photographs with the S9 Galaxy at all times, which will be a massive improvement on the S8.

Facial recognition & 3D emojis

Samsung always seem to have something up their sleeve when it comes to design and capabilities, so it comes as no surprise that they are stepping it up with the Galaxy S9. Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book, the S9 will add enhanced facial recognition and a possible iris scanner to the smartphone, so users can unlock the phone simply using the front camera. The combination of both the facial recognition feature and the iris scanner will work significantly better and means that it will be better for use in very low or bright light.

The teaser videos have also hinted at 3D emojis – much like the Animoji feature that launched with the iPhone X. However, unlike the Animoji feature, Samsung’s 3D emojis appear to create animated versions of the Galaxy S9 user (similar to the Bitmojis that were integrated into SnapChat).

Unique design & fingerprint sensor

mobile-users-reading-screenAlthough the galaxy S9 may look almost identical to its predecessor in early leaks and renders – with its curved display and rounded corners – the story around its back is very different. Samsung has moved the S9’s fingerprint sensor so that it is located below the rear camera, rather than off to the right side, like you see on the S8.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S9’s camera stack is aligned vertically, rather than horizontally, which gives the phone a sleeker, more symmetrical appearance. It’s has also been rumoured that the S9 will be available in midnight black, lilac purple, titanium grey and coral blue.

Snapdragon 845 smartphone processor

If you take a look inside the Samsung S9, it’s expected that users will find Qualcomm’s latest mobile processor: the Snapdragon 846. This would make this the first time this chip has been featured in a 2018 smartphone device and is what will make the S9 extremely fast and boasts “vault-like security”. The processor is also reported to offer improved battery life and a brand new ISP (image signal processor) – meaning that it offers one of the best cameras ever seen on phones.

Whether you’ve got a need for speed or want to showcase your photography prowess with your phone’s camera, there is a lot to be excited about with the upcoming launch of Samsung Galaxy S9. Samsung may have kept shtum on the official features and specs of the latest Samsung phone until now, but if the S8 is anything to go off, you can rest assured that the S9 will not disappoint!