The best subject apps to become an expert

Life can get pretty hectic but we all find ourselves with pockets of time, whether it’s when you’re waiting for the bus or on a long flight, where we need a little extra stimulation. A great idea is to learn something new using an educational and engaging app. All you need is your phone or tablet and you can teach yourself a new subject for personal or professional development. Here are our favourites with no books necessary!

Khan Academy


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Not only is Khan Academy one of the most popular learning apps, it is 100% free to download and use. Ideal for the student on a budget and bursting with a diverse range of subjects, this app even lets you download materials and learn offline.

Take your pick from maths, science, art history, finance and tonnes more topics. Khan Academy has over 10,000 videos to help you learn and over 40,000 interactive questions that offer you instant feedback. That’s right, no waiting on teachers to grade your homework! This app is great for users that want to test or build upon what they’ve learned in school as well as those that want to pick up something new.



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Coursera has partnered with over 100 top-ranked universities to develop a menu of over 1000 programmes in 20+ subjects. The app’s interactive classes are taught using a mix of video lectures and reading assignments, and are available in over 14 languages.

Choose your topic from data science to music and stream lectures online or download content for later. You can get Coursera for free but have to pay for specific courses that will offer you a certificate on completion. A pricier option but still cheaper than a postgraduate degree!



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This app is a fantastic option for parents who want to help their kids learn. Sitting together, you can watch an educational animated clip related to maths, art, historical figures, technology and more. Clips are different every day and are paired with an interactive quiz to take on afterwards.

If you choose to subscribe, you’ll have access to a library of past clips to work through on your phone or tablet. All movies come captioned too, so you can enjoy a lesson anywhere without the need for headphones.



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It’s becoming increasingly important to learn about computer programming, with so many of us relying on new kinds of technology each day. SoloLearn opens up to this world to beginners while also containing instructive content for users that have a bit of experience. The app offers lessons in a range of languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and so many more.

Not only do users follow interactive lessons with tests at their conclusion, you actually get to code and marvel at what you can build with your mobile keypad. The community app has great resources beyond its hundreds of topics, including its Q&A Discussions feature where users can seek help or offer it to less experienced coders. Not only that, SoloLearn is completely free to use with no advertisements to distract you during class!