The best news apps for your smartphone

News on tablet and smartphone

Hate being out of the loop? Love being the first to know? It’s time to turn your smartphone into your own personal newshound. We’ve put together a list of our favourite free news apps, so you’ll never have to hear the news second hand again.

Stay up to date with the latest headlines wherever you are with the best news apps available for your smartphone right now.

1. News360

Already one of the granddaddies of smartphone news apps, News360 works hard to learn the kind of stories you’re interested in then delivers them in a range of formats from text to video. It also has an impressive roster of sources, ranging from the biggest players to incredibly niche providers, and offers a strong UK edition as well as plenty of international options.

Get News360 on Google Play or through the App Store.

2. BBC Newsbeat

Especially designed to appeal to Millennials, BBC Newsbeat is a news app that is definitely young at heart. Put together by the BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s news team, it’s packed with news, music, food, fashion, politics, student issues – and just about everything else you can think of. Fully hooked up to social sites and displaying the latest and most eye catching headlines, it’s a fun way to find out what’s going on in the world.

Get BBC Newsbeat on Google Play or through the App Store.

3. Associated Press

If what’s most important to you is getting news while it’s still scorching hot, then AP is the app for you. It’s slightly more basic than some of the other news apps on offer when it comes to style and function, but it’s extremely good at delivering headlines as they’re breaking. Not only does it update constantly to keep stories fresh, but you can also customise your feeds so you get the stories you’re interested in.

Get AP on Google Play or through the App Store.

4. News Republic

When you want news from all over the world, News Republic has got you covered. With more than 40 different country editions and an easy way to switch to whichever edition you want, wherever you are, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for breaking news coverage in multiple languages. And with 1,500 fully licensed and trusted news sources worldwide, it manages to get right to the source of the biggest stories.

Get News Republic on Google Play or through the App Store.

5. Newsy: Multisource video news

An alternative way to soak up the headlines as they happen is on offer from Newsy, a multisource video news app that pulls together top headlines and turns them into short, easily digested videos. You let it know the kind of stories you’re interested in and leave it to find suitable content from a variety of sources. It then turns them into the kind of “snack size” news videos you can fit into any spare few minutes!

Get Newsy on Google Play or through the App Store.