The best music learning apps around

Whether you’re an experienced musician or want to finally start playing like you’ve always promised yourself you would one day, now’s the time to give it a go. But, you don’t need to find a teacher, you can learn a lot of what you need from apps on your phone. To help, we’ve put together a list of the best musical apps out there to get you well on your way to stardom.



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Starting with possibly the most complete package when it comes to music apps, Yousician is an ideal starting point for anyone wanting to learn or brush up on piano, guitar, bass or ukulele. It’s got over 1500 exercises and goals to complete that range from the most basic skills, all the way up to advanced. Plus, it doesn’t just teach you the instrument, there are also lessons involving music theory so you can understand the music as well as play it.

The one disadvantage of the free version of the apps is that it will limit the number of lessons you can access. To unlock the full spread you need to pay. Still, if you’re making good progress, it’s still far cheaper than taking face-to-face lessons.

Simply Piano

simply piano

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A more specialised and simpler app than Yousician, SimplyPiano is designed to get you up and playing piano quickly and easily. You just need to sit your phone on your piano as you play and it’ll listen with your the microphone and give you real time feedback as you go.

On top of that, it’s got 5-minute musical workouts to help get your skills up, tutorials on how to read sheet music and a range of songs to learn and expand your repertoire.

Voice Training

voice training

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Like any other instrument, your voice needs training and practice to be at its best. With that in mind, Voice Training is designed to, well, train your voice. It will give you a note to sing and tell you how close you are to it as you sing. It’s got a range of exercises designed to expand your vocal range and relax your voice, making you a more powerful singer whilst also helping protect you against vocal injury.

If you really get into it, there are singing games you can attempt to test out your abilities and push yourself, as well as interval training for musical grade exams.

Easy Music

easy music

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Like many skills, music is best learned from a young age to reap the maximum benefits. It can be difficult to make the process fun for kids though, and that’s where Easy Music is stepping in to fill that gap. With colourful animal based animations and a simple to use interface, it can take them (or you) through the basics of notes, pitch, rhythm and melody.

Whilst this isn’t directly related to a specific instrument, it can form a solid foundation of music theory and basics that you can then easily carry into learning any instrument you could wish.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

ultimate guitar

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This is another app that isn’t strictly focused on music tuition, but in terms of helping guitarists (and bassists) learn their favourite songs, there’s no greater resource currently out there. With millions of tabs available, everything from Ed Sheeran to Slayer and beyond, there’s bound to be a whole bunch of songs you’ll want to learn with this app.

The initial app is paid and that gives you access to the massive tab library, and if you upgrade further you can get access to things like a tuner, chord library and metronome as well as the ability to use the app to play the tabs to you, so you can play along with the tab in real time as you learn it.