The best drawing apps to sketch up a storm

It might seem like the ability to draw is a gift available only to a select few, but nowadays, there are countless apps that can turn any member of your family into a bona fide artist. Whether you’re eight, eighteen or eighty, it’s never too late to become the next Lowry with our favourite drawing apps!

How to Draw – Easy Lessons

how to draw

Download: Android, iOS

Considering the name of this app, it would be pretty embarrassing if it couldn’t teach you how to master a pencil! How to Draw is one of the most popular apps for learning about sketching and offers step-by-step lessons that are categorised by subject, e.g. animals or cars.

The app enables you to create a work of art using your screen, or if you prefer, you can follow the process on a piece of paper. From one stroke to the next you’ll build up to a final detailed drawing that you can save on your device and share via social media. There’s a gallery space in New York with your name on it!

Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook

Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook

Download: iOS

This app was developed by Walter Foster, a leading publisher of art manuals for over 85 years. With a track record of teaching artists of all ages different techniques and design methods, this app might be the all-rounder you’ve been looking for.

You’ve no need to buy expensive art materials because you can draw on-screen using a variety of virtual inbuilt tools, adjusting their size and pressure. You get step-by-step audio instructions and guidelines that emphasise how even a complex drawing can be achieved if the process is broken down into digestible chunks.

Learn How to Draw

Learn How to Draw

Download: Android

Are you a comic book fan that would love to create your own superhero? Will Sliney, a comic book artist who has worked extensively with Marvel, wants to help make that happen with his new app. The tutorials contained in the app are given ‘levels’ so beginners can learn the fundamentals of drawing figures before getting into the finer details about body sculpture.

The app utilised slow motion cameras to record items during its development, so there is a great degree of accuracy in the guidelines users are given. Learn How to Draw’s step-by-step guide is incredibly detailed, teaching you about comic book art techniques that the pros really use. Who else wants to give Stan Lee a run for his money?

How to Draw: With Artist Matt Busch

How to Draw With Artist Matt Busch

Download: iOS

Faces can seem like a challenge for the budding artist but this app specialises in helping you get to grips with eyes, noses, lips, chins and every other feature! Each lesson is broken down into 11 steps which can be followed on-screen or with pencil and paper.

Every step includes comprehensive notes so you can understand the details as you go from one stage of the drawing to the next. Your portraits aren’t confined to head-on views either, as this app teaches you how to draw faces from different angles. Get a plinth and ornate frame ready because your portrait is going to need a proper display!