The best apps for students

Whether you want to increase your productivity, study more effectively, or improve your organisational skills, your smartphone can help. From time management to note-taking and revision, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best student apps designed to help enhance your learning experience and make your educational life much easier.


Download: Android, iOS

GoConqr provides you with all the necessary tools to maximise your learning potential. This app is equipped with a range of useful features, including a study planner, a course builder, and the ability to create mind maps, notes, and quizzes to simplify the review process. It’s also highly interactive, allowing you to connect with millions of like-minded users, take advantage of peer-to-peer learning, and share knowledge and resources.

office lensOffice Lens

Download: Android, iOS

Office Lens is the equivalent of a personal pocket scanner – it allows you to capture whiteboards and blackboards and convert the images into Word documents or PDF files. Once you take a photo, the app automatically crops and enhances the photo so it’s easily readable and shareable.


Download: Android, iOS

StudyBlue helps to take the stress out of revision by simplifying the study process. The app provides study notes in the form of flash-cards to help you learn and memorise information quickly and effectively. You can choose from an extensive range of study materials in various subjects, from business to history, chemistry, literature, and more. If you can’t find the flashcards you need, simply create your own by adding your personalised study notes.

istudieziStudiez Pro

Download: Android, iOS

If you struggle to stay organised and use your time effectively, download iStudiez – a virtual student planner that boasts a range of innovative and useful features. Get an overview of your daily tasks, keep track of your homework, set notifications for events and assignments, and manage your courses all in one convenient spot. The app also automatically syncs all your data so you can access it from any device.


Download: Android, iOS

Tired of frantically scribbling down notes during classes? Try Sonocent, an app designed to revolutionise the way you take notes. Simply press record – or import any pre-recorded audio files – and the app will display each phrase as text. Every phrase is colour-coded, so you can easily organise, highlight, delete, or save specific bits of text. You can then export the saved content to a Word document to use for review, share it with classmates, or add it to any projects or assignments.