The benefits of using apps in education

Many consider the technological revolution detrimental to learning, claiming more reliance on electronics like mobile phones and tablets has caused a wave of laziness amongst today’s youth. This couldn’t be further from the truth as mobile apps have, if anything, made education more accessible and created a whole new platform for learning and expanding on what is taught in the classroom. From more engaged students to learning on-the-go, here are just some of the benefits of using apps in education.

Engaged and interactive students

Many pupils can only get so much out of the traditional textbook and whiteboard (blackboard if you’re a little older!) method, and that’s why interactive apps are great for stimulating the mind. Apps are available for all types of skill levels and aid learning using a variety of teaching methods like Q and A’s, video tutorials and even educational games.

Subjects are also extensive and grow every day, so there’s a vast amount of supporting material to any teacher’s curriculum. Keeping teaching methods fresh is integral to getting students engaged in their studies and learning apps are a fantastic way of achieving this.

Opting to study outside of class

Many popular educational apps have seen millions of downloads and that’s because users have opted to engage with them in their free time. Using apps in classrooms or even suggesting beneficial apps to help students retain new information could mean many choose to continue their studies outside of school.

If an app is engaging and valuable, it could have students more than happy to receive some extra homework! Rather than a sheet of paper with quadratic equations to get through, an interactive app that includes the same questions with introductory explanations and advice on how to improve could be far more valuable to a pupil’s learning. Not to mention, using less paper-based study aids is sure to help the environment!

Learning tools anywhere and whenever

Who leaves their home without their mobile these days? Using apps is a natural part of the day, whether you watch a video on the way to work or play a game at lunch. Apps are portable and convenient, enabling students to learn whenever they feel like it. No longer do they have to haul around crumpled textbooks or sift through notes to find what they’re looking to review.

Apps also allow pupils to take their learning into their own hands so they can study and test themselves at any point in the day, often without Wi-Fi if an app has downloadable content.

Individually-focused learning

A teacher could be the best in the world at what they do but still not be able to focus an hour-long lesson towards one pupil’s rate of understanding. A teacher typically has to engage 20-30 pupils during each session and it’s difficult to ensure each one is engaged and following what is being taught. This could mean some students lose track of a lesson and scramble to learn new topics while still not grasping previous ones.

However, when a student utilises an app inside or outside of class, their time interacting with it is all their own. They can learn at their own rate as that session is dedicated to them and not multiple students at a time.

Apps help teachers and parents too

If you’re a teacher that’s been going through the same material with different classes over a number of years, it’s easy to get set in your ways and for material to feel stale. Looking at apps around the topics you teach can really benefit your lesson plans and possibly prompt you to discuss points that you didn’t include earlier. They can help you create a great structure, which not only benefits your organisation but your students’ experiences too.

Parents can also familiarise themselves with the progress of their kids instead of having to rely purely on quarterly school reports and projected grades. Using apps that keep track of what a student is excelling at or could use more guidance with is a terrific way of understanding your child’s individual strengths and preferred learning style.