Tesco Mobile rewards families with flexible free money-saving perks

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Network launches innovative new way for families to save

Tesco Mobile has announced the launch of its new Family Perks benefits which provides a range of helpful rewards to suit each customer.  Families who pay together with one simple monthly bill can benefit from family power and get additional value every single month with extra minutes, data, Clubcard points and money off their mobile bills.

Families can also avoid big bill shocks and keep control of the purse strings by capping the monthly mobile spend on every contract in the household.

Uniquely the network is also offering extra Clubcard points as a Perk, which will help families save on the cost of their weekly shop or can be put towards other Tesco Clubcard rewards such as days out and family treats.

A family of five with Tesco Mobile could save up to £120 a year on their bill, simply by sticking together on the network.

Or they can collectively benefit from up to 12,000 Clubcard points or 60GB of additional data – whatever suits their needs.

For families with more than one pay monthly contract on their account, including SIM only contracts, the network is letting each member choose their Family Perk as well as benefit from their individual allowances.

Family members can choose whichever perk suits their mobile needs best and they can change them every month allowing them to experience different benefits.  They can also add additional SIMs at any time to their family bill and every single contract generates rewards.

Family Perks from Tesco Mobile include:

  • Money off the monthly phone bill – saving families up to £24 per year on each contract
  • Clubcard points
  • Data- for those in the family who love their apps and social media
  • Minutes to call any network- for catch-ups and chats
  • Tesco Mobile minutes – to call your other family members


Families can manage and change their Family Perks in the My Account page on the Tesco Mobile website, or by using the Tesco Mobile app at any time.

Anthony Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer of Tesco Mobile commented:

“Family Perks is a great way to manage the whole families’ mobile spend and reward our families for being on the network.  We’ve focused on rewarding loyalty with a simple and yet really useful bundle of Perks that our customers have told us will help with the household budgeting.

“Not only that but it makes life simpler for the person paying the bills and they can manage monthly spend by capping the spend on each contract.”

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