Tech in Check: Advice from Dr Sue Black

Photo of Dr Sue Black

Walk into any classroom, step into any playground and enter any teenager’s bedroom (after knocking of course!) and you are bound to find some sort of technology – whether that’s a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. In our digital age, engagement with mobile and electronic devices on a daily basis is simply unavoidable. But what does this mean for you and your family? What risks does this represent? What options are there out there? And how can you manage technology effectively and responsibly in the home?

At Tesco Mobile, we are aware that these are issues that increasingly affect many of our customers, and we want to be sure that parents, carers and their families are informed enough to navigate this sometimes overwhelming world of technology and data. Being part of this conversation is hugely important to Tesco Mobile, so that we can help families feel supported and confident in making important decisions around tech.

And so here comes the launch of our Tech in Check month! Over the next four weeks, this space will play host to a whole range of content from industry experts who will give the latest advice, tips and money-saving tricks for parents, teens and children alike. Even those of us who work closely with technology ourselves can find it difficult to keep up with the fleeting trends, behaviours and products in the digital world, and our aim is to make it easier for families to keep tabs on all these things as simply and easily as possible.

Tech in Check month will be hosted by Dr Sue Black, OBE, author of “The Adventures of a Cheeky Geek” blog and mum of four. Not only a regular contributor to The Guardian and Technology Agony Aunt for the Daily Mirror, Dr Sue is also responsible for founding #techmums, a social enterprise that seeks to give mums the chance to become tech savvy.

Voted one of the Most Influential Women in IT in the UK, and with over twenty years of experience, Dr Sue is has been a go-to source for parents, carers and children during the digital revolution.

We’ll cover all bases from: how to choose the best piece of technology for your family’s needs to managing your child’s online presence, what parental controls and useful apps to use to how to introduce technology to the family and encourage safe practices. We will offer a wealth of advice from social media-savvy experts and those who can offer tips based on how they manage their own experiences in the digital world.

With children encountering tech from an early age, teens and young adults relying increasingly on the digital world to navigate the real world and more products and services available to help parents manage home life every day, the need to fully understand the way technology functions and how it may impact your life has never been more topical. Whether you consider yourself tech-savvy or a complete novice, Tech in Check month will act as a friendly launch pad for the whole family to learn something genuinely new and useful.